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Thread: Easy Horseback adventure guide

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    Easy Horseback adventure guide

    I put this together after running hundreds of Horseback adventures.

    I had tried using several guides, but kept running into the same problem of having to switch troops out for every camp.

    Sure this adventure could probably be done with fewer troop losses, however you will spend more time swapping troops in and out.

    I made the guide to use one MMA general and two Tavern generals so that I could chain run back to back Horseback adventures by adding two more Tavern generals. Two Tavern generals would be sent on the next adventure while waiting for the MMA general to return from the previous adventure.

    MMA is loaded with 90 Militia and 130 Recruits.

    Just refill the lost Recruits after each camp is defeated.

    Only two blocks, each using one Tavern general and one Recruit.

    Average losses are 400 Recruits.

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    I've done something similar except that I loaded all 3 of my Vets with the exact same troop count and worked in multiple places simultaneously.

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