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Thread: Captain Graham's Adventures

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    Captain Graham's Adventures

    Dear Settlers!

    The Excelsior has traveled to destinations far away from anything your Settlers have ever even heard of; tropical Islands, wild jungles and frozen tundras are only a few of many places Captain Graham has ventured to. She is the most experienced explorer there has ever been - and we want YOU to write about her adventures!

    Tell Excelsior's tales Event

    Write a short story about Captain Graham and one of her adventures with the Excelsior.
    The story may be a "fairy tale", but be sure not to just "steal" an existing tale - we'll be checking!

    Start: Now
    End of participation time frame: October 2nd, 23:59 Berlin time (CEST)

    Read the rules and details (below) and submit your story here.

    General conditions
    • The story has to be about one of Sonya Graham's adventures traveling aboard the airship Excelsior
    • Size: Roughly 400-600 words (~one A4 page incl. paragraphs)
    • The text has to be written in English or German
    Formal requirements
    • You have one regular game account
    • Third-party rights must be respected
    • Underage players must get parents' permission to participate
    • Your contribution follows the Code of conduct and the PEGI-7 (DE: FSK-6) rating
    • Participants can only win once; you can only get/use one prize
    • You can only submit one story
    • Participation has to fulfill all general conditions (see above) in order to enter the contest
    • Late changes/edits might not be taken into consideration
    • By entering the contest, participants agree to assign their intellectual property rights to Ubisoft / Blue Byte and permit Ubisoft / Blue Byte to use the participation in any media, including games
    • Participants agree that Ubisoft/Blue Byte is allowed to announce the winners and present their rewarded contribution. Real names will not be used for the publication, only nicknames, game world and language version. The contribution will be stored on Ubisoft/Blue Byte servers to present the content. Channels that might be used for announcing the winners and for presenting the contributions are international websites, forums, Facebook groups and Twitter channels managed by Ubisoft/Blue Byte (especially "The Settlers Online" channels).

    Announcement of winners

    • Ubisoft/Blue Byte team chooses the winners (CW 40/41)
    • The number of winners in Rank 2 and 3 depends on the participation level,
      but also on the creativity and humor of the contributions
    • Prizes will be sent to the winners' game accounts as soon as possible via in-game message
    • Winners will be announced between October 3rd and 16th, 2016.

    1st place

    • The winning story will be implemented in the game
    • 6,000 Gems
    • 30 days of premium time
    • 100 Crystals

    2nd rank

    • There may be multiple second places, depending on the amount of stories submitted
    • 1,000 Gems
    • 7 days of premium time
    • 50 Crystals

    3rd rank

    • There may be multiple third places, depending on the amount of stories submitted
    • 3 days of premium time
    • 30 Crystals

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    Dear Settlers,

    Thank you for participating in this community event. We are currently in the process of reviewing the final stories and determining the ultimate winner(s). The official announcement and rewards will be announced on Friday, October 21st.

    We appreciate your patience!

    See you in-game,

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