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Thread: Black knight combat bug?

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    Question Black knight combat bug?

    Attaching a screen shot, but just wondering if this is a bug or something. In the Black Knight adventure, in the Northeast area is a spot with 100 crossbows and 100 cavalry. In the screen shot it will show you the cavalry is completely taken out and the crossbows are taken down around halfway, but the number of crossbows still stay at 100 and don't remove about half based on the damage was shown to them. The screenshot shows the final results with the red damage on the crossbows that never removed troops in the end. I've never seen it do that before, so wondering if it is some kind of bug or meant to do that for some reason.

    Note: The image comes up a little small when I click it for some reason. It was bigger when I saved it, but can still tell the bar is half red and no troops gone.
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    Yes that's a visual bug, seems when the MMA takes out the stack exactly (any unit for that matter) without any overkill, then that seems to be what is going to happen. Most always just see it with the MMA on camps with 90 or 100 of those 5HP units, though it has happened to me to with a boss from a FT, razing my R exactly and then "taking half the Cannons" too.

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