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Thread: [Event] Christmas Community Contest

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    Feb 2013
    Dear BB Santa,

    For Christmas I would like 3 things:
    Champion Vargus
    Champion Nusala
    Champion Anslem

    Thank you for all the love and care you share with the world.


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    My,My,My, Mr Claus!
    Here everyone is telling you what they are really hoping for without thinking about you. My most ardent wish is to have your tell me what you would truly want this year.
    I may not be able to fulfill it but I will try my hardest to have it happen.
    You give so much of yourself throughout the year watching over us and preparing so many delightful surprises for everyone, never thinking about what you would really like.
    I do hope you will take me at my work and let me know what you would want.

    the one guild

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    Dear BB_Santa,

    Never has more care been put into a Christmas list before... It's so good:

    Perwyn started tracking the revisions on a spreadsheet (the odds were never in his favor)
    EpsilonSilver changed his guild tag to[LIST] in honor of it (if you blinked you missed it)
    alice007 simulated the results in a custom list-generator (so secret it was published under the pseudonym dandy)
    Evil_J made a guide for it (and already has the Vargus guide ready to go)

    Drum roll... and here is the list!

    1. New Stuff
    2. Improved Old Stuff

    Yeah, I know. It's way out there, a place even the Excelsior hasn't been. A lot on that list, just keep it coming.


    The Tiny Island Nation of Homerica

    P.S. About the Excelsior ... seriously that thing is bright ... even with room-darkening shades the Mayor's house is never fully dark... I can't get enough sleep! We just passed legislation (well, truthfully, it was more a rogue Executive Order by me ) to make section 1 a "no parking zone" for large inflatable objects... maybe you could give Captain Graham a better docking area just a bit north where s1 and s4 meet? No? Aaargh! Can't fault a man for asking!

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    I live in a house.
    Environmentally Friendly Christmas Tree

    It does have flowers and tiny tomatoes. They were all the decorations we needed. Nothing to end up in a landfill or to be chipped by the diesel gasoline fueled chipper truck coming around next week. In a few weeks we also will not be needing those imported tomatoes. It is our gift to the environment.

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    Dear, Wonderful, Jolly Santa,

    I don't want anything for myself this year. My wish is for my children and their children to have happy and loving lives. If you can see your way clear to stopping all these children from killing each other over silly arguments? There's been way too much of that this year. Also we have lost a lot of people who brought joy to our hearts, please keep Betty White alive a bit longer. Oh, maybe a few extra gifts for all the refugees? And please forgive me for telling my grandkids that we went to grade school together and that I talk to you all the time. I needed a few extra grannie points.

    I still believe in you,

    P.S. could you stop the whisper thingy from flashing when there is no message, very annoying.
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