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Thread: advises for beginners

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    advises for beginners

    Hello there, I'm ATXTA, guild member of Gator, from Ares.
    I started the game since late June 2016, currently at lv.38, 30% game achievements accomplished.
    From my point of view, the fun of settlers online comes from that you can build a dreaming fairyland of your own, and enjoy the friendship of helping each others.
    Basing on such views, I would like to share some of my experience from a beginner.

    "How to play this game?" It's the mostly asked question from beginners.
    "Following the game quests!" That's the mostly heard simple answer.
    But, that's not all the answer we want.
    As a beginner, we want to build a fairyland with various buildings & fasinating magics, we want to build strong armies to defeat vicious enemies & free more lands.
    Surely the game quests can't answer them all.
    But, we could find most of the answers from the game wiki (

    1.Build a balanced healthy economy
    Firstly, we should know how does every building perform in production & the production chain-line.
    This page could help you to know which building is fundamental for later industries, and how to set up a reasonable foundation for later improvements.

    Secondly, since we have limited building license and limited available building lands, we have to learn how to use them more efficiently.
    In some cases, one efficent workyard performs much better than 2 or 3 inefficient workyards.
    For instance:
    A pinewood cutter locating close to both pinewoods resource points & storehouse, will be much more efficient than those far away from storehouse or resource points.
    Wood cutters with support of foresters will be more efficent than those without.

    After reading these two wiki pages mentioned above, you might have a clue about how to build up a balanced healthy industry.
    Having a balanced & healthy economy means you could be able to produce most of materials by yourself and have some suplus.

    And,there are also something we should know about the cost of buildings & upgradings, the specialists from tavern...etc.
    We could find most of the answers in the wiki.
    Also, we could use the "help" chat channel for more knowledge of the game.

    2.Build an available army
    Industries are just part of the fundations of building our armies.
    Population is very important.
    Population is decesive not only in the gross size of your army, but also in the size of each kind of your troopers.
    From this page, you could find that you might need a vaious number of differen troopers to accomplish advantures.
    So, you have to balance your building license between population & industry.

    Also, the military pages in wiki is helpful in knowhow.

    3.Clear all 9 sectors on home island
    By doing so, we could get 10 more building license limit when each sector is cleared.

    4.Do advantures & expeditions

    5.Earn coins in trade
    For beginners, trading is the most important way of earning coins.
    Whenever you open the TO panel, do remember to click at the "Deals I can't afford" at the bottom of right side filters.
    It will help you to know better about the current price situation.
    Most of those use coins to buy materials are at extremly cheap prices.
    You may also find some players are buying extremly cheap & selling high at the same time.
    (As an advise, be a honest person, no matter where you are.)

    6.Visit & Help your friends
    Friendship is always based on help from both two sides.
    People can't expect help form those couldn't even be self-sufficient.
    No matter how generous your friends would be, the higher level they are, the more resources they need for their own playing!
    Being independent could be helpful to decency of personality.
    So, try not to be "famous" of begging.
    As a low level player, we could still help high level friends in doing what we can.
    Do remember, the buffs time on a friends land is 150% of that on your own land.
    Try save some of your high level buffs for friends, they won't be wasted.
    Even the lowest fish platter buffs could be helpful.
    Try to keep your provision house busy.

    7.Try keep login everyday
    At least, you could get daily login rewards.
    There will be 100 gems for every 7-day login.

    8.Try finish daily quest, guild quest, & collection quests.

    9.Report those who like behave in offense, and ignore them.*
    When we chat in public channels (global, help, trade), we might sometimes find some people conducting very offensive to you, your race or nationality, and they are aware about what they are doing and quite enjoying it.
    There are many kinds of people in the world. So just the same in the game.
    Please don't quit the game for such person, just report and ignore them.

    How to report a bad.
    You can click their name in chat panel, and choose the "report" option.
    The game has code of conduct for players, and the BB or MOD would deal with it.

    How to ignore a bad.
    Type in "/help" in the help channel, there will be a "/ignoreadd playername" in the listed orders.
    Do it, and you will not hear from the bad anymore.
    If he should appologize you via a friend of yours, and you forgive him; then you could also find the remove method in the listed orders.
    Or, when a friend of yours told you "hey, XXX is talking bad about you", and you were curious about how stink a piece of dirty could be, you can also remove the ignore to smell it

    10. About special footprints sizes of some buildings
    Most of our buildings have a footprint of 2x2 size.
    But, there are also some special buildings with varied sizes.
    So, when you are planning your island, please take these into consideration:
    epic workyards = 4x6;
    guild house & fairy castle = 4x4;
    dark castle = 4x4 (3 in two corners, in fact)
    magnificent residence = 2x6+2x2(front side in the middle)
    barracks & combat academy = 3x3;
    watermill & friary = 2x3

    I'm none of those best players, but I think I'm a good learning beginner.
    Let's have fun, fellows.

    Actually, This is a letter i wrote a few months ago for my new guild-mates.
    I was then at lv38, now at lv49. Still a new one tough, i think......
    The ninth & tenth advises are newly added in this post version.
    They are from the later letters i wrote.
    Some of my friends strongly propose me to post it here, so i did.
    Hope it would not be so laughable......

    Wish you all a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.

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    Some quick points for the very newest players:

    Golden rule- Follow the quests!

    1. Save your gold until a quest asks for it
    2. Save your gems until a quest asks for it
    3. Don't overbuild at first since you have limited licenses.
    4. You don't have to join a guild right away.
    5. Have fun on the global channel- maybe you will meet someone's whose guild you will want to join.
    6. Never buy the female geologist.
    7. Back to global- don't sell things in global.
    8. Use the HELP tab for game questions.
    9. Logic from other games or real life logic doesn't always match in Settlers.
    10. There is PvP in this game but it's not like other games.

    Have fun and use the HELP tab!

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