Inviting a friend: how does it work?

Dear players,

As you already know, The Settlers Online allows you to send email invitation to your friends to join your game. In order to access this feature, go to "My profile" section on the website, and scroll down to "Invitations".

Recently, the Community raised a few questions as to how this feature actually works. Based on this, we have prepared an FAQ:

1. Is there a timer that resets after some time in order to invite the same friend again?

No, once an invitation is sent out to an email account, that account cannot be invited again. You will also receive a pop-up message when attempting to re-invite a friend. Moreover, invited friends appear under the "Your invitations" section of the Invitations category on the website.

2. Is there any way to invite the same friend again if they deleted the previous email invitation?

The friend can still be invited as long as they use a different email address. The invitation cannot be resent to the same email address.

3. Will the email invitation expire after some time, if they haven't opened it?

The invitations have no expiration date.

4. What happens if I invite my friend to a full game world?

You can invite a friend to a game world that displays 100% server capacity, as there are some slots reserved above that amount for friend invitations. If that extra capacity, which is based on active player count, is also reached, the registration will fail. The invited friend can retry the registration process from the same mail at any time; however, they will need to delete the browser cookies, otherwise they will receive an automatic registration fail.

Happy settling!