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Thread: Ask Me Anything AMA

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    Ask Me Anything AMA

    Dear settlers,

    Starting March 15th, our team will be open to all kinds of questions for 2 days during the "Ask Me Anything" Community Event on The Settlers Online! Do you have a pressing game related question that requires attention or can you simply not sleep at night without knowing BB_Aeyline's favorite fridge magnet? Now is the right moment to ask your question and get a chance to be rewarded!


    Runtime: March 15th 7:00 am EDT - March 17th 12:00 pm EDT

    Concept: Ask us any question during the event and our team will try to answer as many questions as possible afterwards. We will be compiling an exclusive Q&A based on your questions!

    Questions: You are invited to post your questions here. This thread will be open for questions on March 15th at 7:00 am EDT and closed on March 17th at 12:00 pm EDT. We will choose one question per player.

    Feedback: You are invited to share your feedback here.

    Rewards: Every selected question will be rewarded with 250 Gems.

    As usual, all questions must adhere to our PEGI-7 guidelines; while having fun keeps the community spirits up, let's keep it tasteful.

    Our team will address as many questions as possible after March 17th in a follow-up Q&A! Take this chance to win 250 Gems and have fun with the community! Venture to ask anything here.

    Feel free to share your feedback here.

    Have fun!
    The Settlers Online Team
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