I held my first contest (Stirbei's Search 'n' Surprise) on my island today, using Global Chat. It was a bit of a surprise (ha), and some people missed it. But I'll be holding another contest again sometime soon.

Announced at 20:22 in Global Chat with a discussion of rules and prizes: Players were told that they had to find collectibles on my island, flag them, and whisper me their location to win a Stadium Snack, and they were asked not to cheat and to only enter my island when I announced it was time to play.

At about 20:27 I told the players to go. It was a bit of a slow start, as this was the first time I'd run this type of contest in a long time, but several players heard the call and ventured to my island.

Around 20:47 I announced that all collectibles had been found. (Twenty minutes to find all 5 that were available for this contest, not bad!) I expect this will take a lot less time in the future.

MongomeryBlue, SIRmonkey503, and VampireMuffinMan are Super Searchers! 8) I hope you all enjoy your Stadium Snacks!!

Keep an eye on Global chat! There will be more fun to come. =)

PS: Yes, I'm aware there is a plug-in that finds all collectibles. That's not the point of the contest and hopefully no one that played used it.