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Thread: Tikki Island Less than 100R Losses

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    Tikki Island Less than 100R Losses

    Hey all...
    Here is another fast attacking low loss guide.

    Here are fast generals needed.... for minimal losses.

    4 Master of Martial Arts, 1 Dracula, 2 Master of Defense. Any Champion of Antera or a 5th MMA -- ~100R - ~150R losses on 3 attacks.
    For those who don't have 4 MMA. Check spoilers.

    If you have all 3 Champions of Antera - you can average ~55R losses.
    If you have all 3 Champions and 3 Master of Defense. You can speed things up with launching attacks.

    150-250 Recruits, 450 Cavs, 2 Militia, 2 Soldier, 20 Elites
    & 150 Cannoneers

    If you have all 3 Champions - for super fast finish check

    150-250 Recruits, 650 Cavs, 2 Militia, 2 Soldier, 20 Elites
    & 250 Cannoneers

    First Attack

    Camp 1) 20 Nomad, 50 Lance Riders, 50 Amazonian Guards
    From S positions - 4 waves of MMA 1R - 95% of time will take out all Amazonian Guards and Lance Riders

    If Only 20 Nomads remain:
    Send Drac with 120 Cavs.

    If 3-6 Amazonian Guards & 20 Nomads remain:
    Send Drac with 1R . (He will win without dying 98%) If Drac dies, send 1R on B1 MOD (He'll finish up without dying 100%)

    Don't have 4 MMA? Use the following - Check

    M1 Anslem: 65R 82K ~61R
    M1 Vargus: 80R 100K ~55R - 68R
    M1 Nusala: 85R 1M 1S 1E 77K ~75R - 82R
    M1 MMA: 100R 1M 1S 1E 117K ~75R - 83R

    2nd Attack!

    Block Camps 2 & 3 with MODs, and attack Leader 1 with MMA.
    Caution: Never launch generals prematurely or they will get intercepted. Follow launch instructions.

    Camp 2) 50 Nomads, 50 Amazonian Guards, 50 Riding Bowmans
    B1 MOD Block: 196C 3E - 110 seconds - average 2 minutes minimum - 7 flag steps ahead of blocker B2

    Camp 3) 70 Cataphracts, 70 Nomads
    Launch when B1 general touches Teal diamond.
    B2 MOD Block: 196C 1R - 120 seconds - average 2 minutes minimum - 8 flag steps ahead of attacker M1

    Leader 1) 1 Uproarious Bull, 60 Lance Riders, 60 Nomads
    Launch when B2 general touches Red diamond.
    M1 Anslem: 24R 1M 1S 1E 123K ~23R
    M1 Vargus: 34R 1 M/S/E/B/LB/XB 17C 123K ~24R - 32R (1 of each unit not necessary but helps reduce camp destruction time)
    M1 Nusala: 59R 1M 1S 1E 103K ~41R - 53R
    M1 MMA/DRAC: 60R 1M 1S 1E 120K ~45R - 54R (It's only 183 troops, more is welcome but unnecessary)

    Final Attack (after L1 sector is cleared)

    Camp 4) 60 Cataphracts, 70 Composite bows
    B2 MOD Block: 138C 9E - 60 seconds - average 1 minute minimum - 6 flag steps ahead of attacker M1

    2 Methods
    Leader 2) 70 Riding Amazonian Guard, 1 Uproarious Bull, 60 Nomads
    Method 1 -- ~95R Losses
    Launch 1 second after launching B2.
    M1 Anslem: 97R 53K ~86R - 97R
    M1 Vargus: 83R 97K ~62R - 82R
    M1 Nusala: 99R 1M 1S 1E 63K ~89R - 97R
    M1 MMA: 100R 1M 1S 1E 117K ~90R - 98R

    Method 2 -- ~40R Losses You will lose 50-70 less Reruits.
    If you have Nusala And either 1 MMA still alive, or Vargus & Anslem. Use the following to lose less Recruits.
    Launch 1 second after launching B2.
    M1 - Nusala 1 R sack - 1 to 3 flag steps ahead of attacker M2
    Followed by any of the following generals - Nusala defeats 50 riding amazonian guards minimum and has a chance to kill all 70.
    Launch M2 immediately after M1 is launched.
    M2 Anslem: 97R 53K ~16R - 36R
    M2 Vargus: 83R 97K ~6R - 23R
    M2 MMA: 100R 1M 1S 1E 117K ~20R - 45R

    Please note - You won't get intercepted if you follow my instructions. But just incase you get intercepted on this block, it is better to just forfeit the 138C and 9E so don't panic and just recall your main attackers. Remember you can live with launching attackers 1 second late. But you can not launch attackers early.

    For super fast run check

    After you destroy Camp 1 with MMA sacks & Drac.
    Resort to the 2nd attack launch sequence.
    To review 2nd attack launch sequence.
    Launch B1 to C2 - wait to reach teal diamond. (In picture above with flag steps)
    Launch B2 to C3 - 7 flag steps behind of B1. Wait to reach red diamond. (In picture above with flag steps)
    Launch M1 to L1 - 8 flag steps behind of B2

    After you launch M1 to L1 - follow instructions below.

    Send B3 to C4 after M1 is launched to L1.
    Send M2 to L2 after 1 second of launching B3.
    Send M3 to L2 immediately after launching M2.

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    Kudos for your efforts and minimizing troop losses...

    However, I have to wonder if 12 generals and the time taken to position all of the garrisons (I think Tikki has only 6-7 natural landing spots, so have to delay sending some generals) is worth the effort. Normally, when running Tikki's, I'm running them back-to-back for 5-20 runs, so I use the Evil_J guide which allows me to be running a Tikki every 23-30m depending on how troops land initially.
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    I redid my major setup to split between Vargus and Anselm with 2 MMAs and a MOD back to back for an average of 210 recruits lost. I did check this one out, but I also like the speed of being able to just swap out fast generals and not having to wait for their return because this is a good adventure to stockpile and then hit several times in a row.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwalben View Post
    [...] this is a good adventure to stockpile and then hit several times in a row.
    Agree completely.

    Though I did run this once to check it out, good work. Normally, I do try to keep RLM happy, but Ill run fast version and lose ~200R... but can get 2/hour until I eventually fall asleep at the kb.
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