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Thread: Getting the most out of Anselm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Star_Lord View Post
    Also if your taking jog, then you need it for all your gens
    Not at all. Jog can make a big difference if you only put it on the generals that move around the most. For me that includes my main attack generals (majors, Anslem, Vargus, and one vet trained to specialize in killing camps that require no losses), and several of the tavern generals I use repeatedly for blockers. Those are the generals you spend the most time waiting for. Especially on many of the Ali Babas that have long attacks, having Jog on these generals saves more than a few minutes of adventure times. Treasure of Wisdom, which used to take me at least 2.5 hours I can now finish (from when I send the generals) in under 2, and I am not a fast player. I know people who are finishing it in 90 minutes. It has also allowed me to shave Wood Cutter to under an hour.

    You don't need Jog on sac generals that get used only once or twice in most adventures. I have the odd situation where I have to wait a minute for MMAs to catch up, but they don't slow the game down appreciably. But I can imagine it trying some players' patience. Rapid Fire is certainly an excellent skill for at least some of those generals. I haven't trained most of my MMAs yet, but intend to give most of them Rapid Fire and First Aid.

    Anslem isn't a sac general. If you're using him that way, his best skills are going to waste. He's a killer. On some adventures Anslem is good for a 1R sac at the very end if there's a camp with no first strike units. Nusala and MMAs are better generals for bow sacs.

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    We should cherrypick when deciding how to train our specialized generals. Anslem is the best general for killing many of those tough camps with bosses and other leaders.
    he outperforms all the other gens when attacking boss camps.
    Out of the 3 when 1st offered on live game, I chose Anslem by its specs. I do not play as much, and this genl suits my game style. It is 1st out to adv. and my preferred genl. Skills made it #1 genl of choice ... Anslem has been last genl finish all my extended isl camps, (after 1r w/MMA's).
    Thanks for this info ! Appreciated...

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    After much consideration I wound up building Anslem's skillset with Lightning Slash and I haven't regretted it at all.

    It's been very useful to have him booked so differently than Vargus and I continue to find ways to apply him better than guides are being written for other skillsets with him. While it takes more time to sim all these differently skilled generals for attacks, I am having a lot of fun with this particular element of the game. I'm so glad that they got it in place.

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