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Thread: Stuck island.

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    Stuck island.

    I am level 7. So far I can build the following:
    pinewood cutter, forester, sawmill, fisherman and mason. I need a storehouse and residence.
    I have three quests System functions, claim new lands, discovering new sectors.
    I can't go any farther. I have a tavern and provision house.
    Can you help fix this I'm stuck.

    Thank you.

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    Level 7 should have several quests that provide experience. If Claiming New Lands - Discovering New Sectors is active, you should be able to complete it through purchasing an explorer in the tavern and sending him to find another sector. You should be getting the 'first buff' quest also, if you have not completed it already.

    If you are still having problems, you may wish to try the help channel or contact a moderator in game, using the /report command.
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    I would love to get an explorer but I don't have enough coins.
    I don't have a trade office, a storage building or residence. I can't build them either.
    My guild tried to help but without a trade office they can't.

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