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Thread: CoA Book WoodCutter 130 Mounted Swordsmen Losses

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    CoA Book WoodCutter 130 Mounted Swordsmen Losses

    Welcome to my optimized WoodCutter guide.

    Watch the video in entirety and follow commentary. Also let me know if you want music in the video.

    Camp blocking knowledge is a must. Credit goes to Corona88 and Zeus' Evil-J for providing a good foundation of where to set up blocks. I have made my own adjustments and added a few other possible blocks.
    Personally I average 116 - 124 MS losses because I utilize 8 MMA & my Nusala has 1-Up.
    With the minimum requirements you can average 130-140 MS losses.
    Have dozen fast generals that just rot in your star menu at home island? Well now it's time to use them for something useful.

    All CoA & 4 MMA & 1 Major. 3 Regular Generals. 11 Fast generals a mix of grim/bhg/vet/mod/log/helmet.

    Full Booked Anslem & Full Booked Vargus & 1 Full Booked Major. (2 full booked Major helps reduce time)
    Major & Anslem MUST HAVE - 3 Overrun, 3 Garrison Annex, 1 Master Planner. First Aid 2/3 or 3/3 helps recover losses.
    Your MMA should have 3x Juggernaut.
    All your generals should have 1/3 First Aid.

    Battle frenzy is not relevant on this map since all camps are destroyed in 1 round. Only L4 takes 2 rounds.
    It's possible Vargus does not need to be fully booked - it is a bonus if he is.

    Optional additions
    4 MMA and 2 Drac and 9 Fast Generals for a total of 20 fast generals (If you have them).
    3 Regular generals can substitute 6 Fast Gens. With extra 9 Fast generals you can block C6 to save 20 MS.

    If you have 8 MMA there are 3 camps you will have opportunity & can sack 4 with 1MM.
    L1 will save you 10 MS. C6 or C11 will save you 8 MS.
    You must keep 4 MMA alive for final leader.

    If your Nusala has 1-Up you can also sack her with 1 MM on L4 to save 8-12 MS.

    You can see a display of my general skill trees
    Make sure when you are working on Sector 2 and the Final sector that you absolutely do not lose internet connection.
    You must not let Flash crash or your computer crash when you are about to launch attacks or the consequences will be dismal.

    S1 - Enemy Camps - Garrison Position
    C1 Block- Reg - 196 MS - 12 steps ahead Major
    C2 - Major - 1 MS 220 MM - 10 steps ahead Anslem
    L1 - Anslem - 25 MS 140 MM ~22 MS

    Have 4 extra MMA & want to save 10 MS?
    You can sack 4 MMA with 1 MM on the leader before Anslem.
    4 extra MMA does not include the 4 MMA for the final leader wave. You should have 8 total.
    Do note that while the block is engaged your Anslem has to arrive after your MMA

    S2 - Enemy Camps - Garrison Position
    C3 - 1R Block 11 Fast Gens - 7 steps ahead C4 blocker - 100-110 seconds
    C4 Block- Reg - 195 MS 5 A
    C5 Block- Reg - 150 MS 40 A

    CX - Major - 1 MS 220 MM
    L2 - Anslem - 17 MS 76 MM 65 A ~15 MS

    Don't want to block C3 because no Fast Gens?

    Now for this block, you should have your Fast Gens 1-2 steps from each other. Any farther apart will ruin the block.
    I like to keep them bunched together so it's easier to see other generals.

    You can also use 3 Regular Gens along with 5 Fast Gens to last 110 seconds.
    If you choose not to block you will be going out of the scope of this guide by losing 34 MS.
    C3 - Vargus - 37 MS 78 MM 80 A ~34 MS If Vargus not fully booked - remove 15 MM
    C3 - Major - 10 MS 150 K 110 B ~64 K 8 MS

    S3 - Enemy Camps - Garrison Position
    C6 - Vargus - 23 MS 157 MM ~20 MS

    C7 Block- Reg - 150 MS 10 A
    C8 - Major - 1 MS 220 MM
    L3 - Anslem - 24 MS 76 MM 65 A ~21 MS

    Want to block C6? Or speed up the run?

    You'll need 9 extra fast gens to block C6.
    C6 - 1R Block 9 Fast Gens - 6 Steps ahead C7 Blocker - 90 seconds
    You will save 20 more MS per run this way.

    If you want to speed up the run, don't wait for Anslem to relocate.
    Send Major to take out L3 after C7 Blocker. He will destroy C8 & L3.
    Major - 32 MS 252 MM 1 B ~30 MS
    You will lose 10 more MS per run but will save about 7-9 minutes.

    S4 - Enemy Camps - Garrison Position
    C9 Block- Reg - 164 MS 36 A
    L4 - Major - 34 MS 90 MM 161 B ~30 MS
    C10 Block- Reg - 126 MS
    L5 - Anslem - 20 MS 120 MM 25 A ~18 MS

    Your Nusala have 1-Up? Sack to save 8 MS.

    If your Nusala has 1-Up, you can sack L4 with 1 MM Nusala to save 8-12 MS. Make sure your Major arrives after Nusala.
    Garrison Position with Nusala

    Alternatively you can use Anslem on L4 and Major on L5. This is less optimal.
    L4 - Anslem - 20 MS 90 MM 55 B ~20 MS
    L5 - Major - 36 MS 234 MM ~34 MS

    Final Sector - Enemy Camps - Garrison Position
    C11 - Vargus - 23 MS 157 MM ~20 MS

    C12 - Major - 1 MS 220 MM

    C13 Block- 196 MS
    C14 Block- 160 MS 40 A
    L6 - 1 MM on 4 MMA & Vargus & Nusala & Anslem --->
    After sacks camp should have 0 H & Less than 60 StC
    Major - 285 MM

    Breakdown of Final Wave & Probability

    For the Bandit Stronghold we need to reduce the camp to 1 Bandit Lord and below 60 Stone Cannon.
    In order to do this we need a combined splash damage of 6000.
    4000 to destroy 80 Horsemen and 2000 to destroy 20 Stone Cannon.
    4 MMA 1MM with 3x Juggernaut do minimum 560 damage - maximum 660. Minimum average ~2200.
    3 CoA have to do about ~4000 damage.
    Nusala with 1 MM minimum does 1050 - maximum 1600.
    Vargus with 1 MM minimum 850 - maximum 1350. (He has master planner)
    Anslem with 1 MM minimum 1100 - maximum 1600. (He has master planner)
    The minimum is 3000 damage by all CoA. We need 2 CoA to do max damage for 4000.

    Major booked with 3x Overrun reduces Bandit Lord HP to 22,500.
    Major booked with Garrison Annex x3 & Master Planner equipped with 285 Mounted Marksmen does 28,500 first strike splash damage.
    This Major Destroyer with 285 MM can take out 60 Stone Cannon and 1 Bandit Lord for no losses.

    Probability of Last attack sacks - 2 CoA do max = 91.8%
    48.6% All CoA do maximum
    32.4% Vargus max & Nusala max
    5.4% Anslem max & Vargus max
    5.4% Anslem max & Nusala max
    3.6% Vargus max only
    3.6% Nusala max only
    0.6% Anslem max only
    0.4% All CoA do minimum

    There is still 7.8 % chance that only 1 CoA does max damage. This means we might need an additional 500 splash damage from an additional sack.
    For those of you who have horrible luck and need insurance for this 7.8% chance, this is what I do.
    I use 2 Drac with 1 MM before the MMA to make up for the possible 500 damage.
    Drac with 3x Juggernaut and 1 MM does a minimum of 210 damage and maximum of 490.
    If you don't have 2 Drac, you can use a 5th MMA for same insurance.
    If you don't have 2 Drac or a 5th MMA. You can use any fast general with 100R after Anslem but before Major. They will take out a minimum of 10 Stone Cannon.

    Thanks to Ares' Mister_Blister for reminding me how to calculate probability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellvena View Post
    Make sure when you are working on Sector 2 and the Final sector that you absolutely do not lose internet connection.
    You must not let Flash crash or your computer crash when you are about to launch attacks or the consequences will be dismal.
    If anyone figures this out... please pm me.. I would like to learn the trick..

    Thanks for the guide

    And I like how you have listed how many steps gap between generals..
    I wish Evil would do something similar..

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    Those blocks are quite convoluted, but I like the concept. I'm going to see how much I can simplify that. I sack both of those camps, so it would save me a wait hour or two to block them.

    I have been running the final leader with 7 MMA, but if I can safely knock that down to 5/4+Draculs, I'll use the others somewhere else.

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    What?? I do not see any of your generals skilled with Lightning Slash!!!
    “Many that live deserve death. And some die that deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then be not too eager to deal out death in the name of justice, fearing for your own safety. Even the wise cannot see all ends.”
    J. R. R. Tolkien

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    Hi guys, Hellvena agree to me to post my guide in her page.
    Im a lazy girl , so this is my lazy guide.
    My WC guide use Vargus and Anlem full skill.
    Losses: 205 MS / 165 R (If u have First Aid lvl 3, u just losse 165 to 175 MS)
    If you learn Hostile Takeover skill, you can give back 238+ R after each WC, so dont think about 165 R losse
    Unit need : 600 MS;170 R;400 AM;700 MM ( U can run it easy with 300- MM, but im a lazy girl, so need double MM) ^^
    Gens need: 4 or 5 MMA ; 1 Major; 3 COA ; 2 MoD ; 3 Reg ; 1 Quater

    Sector 1
    Block C1: (BHG/MoD/Regular) 196 MS
    C2: (MMA) 220 MM
    L1: (AN) 24 MS/141 MM (Losse:21 MS)
    Sector 2
    C3: (MMA) 1R
    (MMA) 1R
    (VA) 25 MS/ 80 AM / 90 MM (Losse:24 MS)
    Block C4: (MoD/Regular) 196 MS
    Block C5: (MoD/BHG/Reg) 148MS/40AM
    L2: (AN) 16 MS/40 AM /109 MM (Losse:16 MS)
    Sector 3
    C6: (VA) 27 MS/ 168 MM (Losse: 20 MS)
    Block C7: (Reg) 150 MS/10 AM
    C8: (M) 40 MS/110 AM/120 MM
    L2: (AN) 20 MS/145 MM (Losse: 20 MS)
    Sector 4
    Block C9: (Reg) 164 MS/36 AM
    L4: (MMA) 1 MM
    (M)40 MS/110 AM/120 MM (Losse:34 MS)
    Block C10: (Reg) 126 MS
    L5: (MMA) 1 MM
    (AN) 20 MS/ 145 MM (Losse:20 MS)
    C11: (VA) 27 MS / 168 MM (Losse:23 MS)
    C12: (MMA) 220 MM
    Sector 5
    Block C14: (Reg) 160 MS/ 40 AM
    Block C13: (Reg) 196 MS
    L6: (Nu) 1 MM
    (AN) 165 R
    (VA) 27 MS/ 168 AM

    - Block C1 and Block C4 with MoD or Regular gens are safe. I use it because they are same
    - C 6: (VA)27 MS/168MM (Losse:20MS)
    C11: (VA)27 MS/168MM (Losse:23MS)
    L 6: (VA)27 MS/168 AM (Losse:27MS)
    When I increase MM for C6 and C11, I cant down to losse MS. So I keep 27 MS to easy attack right after that.Remember L6 , Vargus attack with 168 AM, not MM =))
    - L3 and L5, Anlem are same.Like as with C8 and L4, u can use 90 AM/90MM for attack C8 but I keep (M)40MS/110AM/120MM like L4 and he is not losse any.
    -C2 and C12 are same too . I keep 600 MM because this is reason ^^
    Ok, that all of mine, tyvm and glwl ^^

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    So I go to take a look at this thread and right when I get to the second post...

    ... I do not know whether or not to laugh or die a bit more on the inside.
    One army. Pretty please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SweaterPuppies View Post
    So I go to take a look at this thread and right when I get to the second post...

    ... I do not know whether or not to laugh or die a bit more on the inside.
    lol... you didn't tell, which button did you click?

    Did you click the "Continue" button, and let your life continue is the Matrix,
    or did you click "Stop Plugin", and come back to real life?

    How do we even know, our life is not running in a plugin?
    So I'd say, please follow the advice.. and do not let the plugin stop at all costs...

    You've been warned!

    PS - If the screen shot was sized more close to real life.. that might scare a people of two as they load the thread..

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