I screwed up with last auction. I didnít plan it accordingly. It was a sort of an impulsive act. I didnít have time to execute the advertising and didnít have the right time of day to do it. So that is why I am holding a redemption auction November 10 in G-3 and will start at 8:00pm est. This auction will give you a chance to sell/buy and hopefully will build trust between you guys and me.

If you want to take advantage of Secure lots, then please add me as a friend as soon as possible. (This applies to both buyers and sellers.) If you have items to sell, please let me know, along with whether you want it secured or to have a reserve on them.

Some quick rules:
1) Low-Level Resources (bread, bronze swords, brew, etc.) should be limited to large quantities only. (ie: Millions, preferably bundles to avoid what people can already nab on Trade Office)
2) If you arenít sure if you canít make it to the auction time, please set up a Secure lot with me directly in advance so I may auction it directly to buyers for you.

I apologize for the debacle of an auction that happened on Oct 27. Letís make this next auction great.
See you there,