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    Community Day

    Attention, adventurers!

    Curious to find out what has been discussed during our Community Day 2017? We're glad to provide you with a summary of the day and further information about our upcoming plans for the game. Our special Fan Day in Düsseldorf did not only include presentations from our visitors, but also a special presentation (and playtest) from our side.

    We want to point out that all the information here is just a general overview and everything can change until the final version is implemented into the game.

    Insight into the design

    Basic informations and links to fansites

    Story and developement
    The general idea for the new content is based on a "Journey to the North".

    You start the journey at the coast and every new venture takes you further north. You have to make decisions on how to survive the harsh environment. During your journey, you have to find a way through the mountains, travel on narrow paths through the difficult environment and make choices on which path to take next.

    This harsh environment is not completely uninhabited. You will find new allies and learn about their legends. But wherever there is civilisation, there are conflicts. New enemies will be awaiting you.

    Unique Setting
    What would a new area be without some interesting new landscapes. Our development focused on two unique areas.

    Tundra & the Mountains

    We gave the tundra some unique features, thus providing a more realistic feeling. Leaving the islands, the area should feel more like an entire continent. You start at the coast and work your way into the hinterlands. The tundra is an open area with a combination of grass and snow biomes. It is also the home of the Nords.

    The mountains offer a contrast to the tundra. Further in the hinterlands, you will find narrow mountain paths, steep cliffs and large rocks blocking your path. The environment is very cold, snowy and unforgiving for unprepared travellers.

    You will see many special sights during your travels, like the villages of the Nords, large strongholds and mysterious old ruins.

    Unique Challenges
    The aforementioned strongholds are not just visually different, they also offer a new challenge. They have high hitpoints and create more diversity in combat.

    Combat will focus more on unit combinations which will make the skill tree and the players ability to plan ahead more important. And as if the new enemies are not enough, you will also have to face the weather in this merciless environment. This will bring additional debuffs to represent the harsh conditions under which your settlers have to fight and travel.

    A new dynamic quest structure will make room for real decisions, which will have an impact on the progress further into the campaign.

    Can you still remember the fog, which first covered your home island? The new fog-mechanic inside adventures will increase your immersion and make it harder to plan too far ahead.

    Unique Rewards
    The new areas and enemies also bring new buildings. The main focus of this campaign will be the "Epic Forge", which will combine smelters and weaponsmiths. It includes bronze, iron, steel, titanium and platinum production chains. All 10 production chains will have 5 upgrades, which you can get via blueprints from the campaign.

    On top of this epic building, we are also working on some additional smaller special buildings. Can you guess which function these buildings will have? Maybe you can find some hints on the fansites.

    New Buildings:
    • Smokehouse
    • Meadhall
    • Stronghold Ruin

    There will also be some new buffs:
    • Fish steak similar to grilled steak
    • Obsidian Horseshoes, which are more powerful than platinum horseshoes and will be found as loot on the campaign/Excelsior

    Happy reading!
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    The DSO Talk

    For many years now, DSO Talk has been on our side, sharing features, events and changes made to the game with everyone. Every Friday from 21:00 CET the players are invited to join their private Teamspeak and ask questions or just follow the discussion.

    The new content will be investigated by specific DSO Talk Members and the news will be explained in detail. The exchange of ideas between the settlers takes places in a friendly atmosphere.

    Talk #195 is a summary of the Community Day 2017 as it explains in detail the players' impressions after the playtests and presentations.

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    An interesting history and past surround SiedlerVision. oO_Camou_Oo has taken up the presentations and talked about the founding members (fan pages) and explained the problems that occurred at the start of his project. Each start can experience some bumping stones and this was no different with us, as it proved difficult to communicate and this made it difficult for everyone to work together. But patience is a virtue and finally, the wait has paid off.

    The project was founded on July 7, 2011, in the DSO Forum, making it one of the oldest projects in our The Settlers Online overview.
    The original idea included adventure maps and tactic maps, but changed over time and now includes more areas. In 2013, there was a major project change and a website was made available, with some of the old features but also many new ideas.

    Siedlervision now no longer includes only "adventure cards", but covers many areas (guides, overviews, data mining) and is also an active blogging platform. You can find a lot of help on current topics, be it the Halloween event, test server specific annotations, Competitions or upcoming expansions. SiedlerVision takes everything, analyzes it and provides all the information you need.

    Stop by and read some interesting stories that have made many settlers laugh (such as the April joke 2017). Believe it or not, even now we still get asked where the "promised new building" is and why hasn't it been implemented yet!

    English Translation for the "Mountain Clan Campaign" by SiedlerVision

    The Northmen are warlike people. To date, they have plundered many islands and taken the rich treasures back to their homeland. But where do these grim figures come from? Where are they at home and what drives them?
    Come with me and find out.

    The journey will take us to the area of the mountain clan, a huge island hidden in icy fog. Here you can find fabulous treasures, impressive creatures and undiscovered legends. But there is a lot to prepare.

    Requirements & Information
    First: The information was kindly provided by Blue Byte and comes from a pre-alpha phase of development. I do not explicitly go into the usual details (numbers, dates, facts) and some things will certainly change again or fail to make it to the final result. Thank you for your understanding.

    The new campaign "The Mountain Clan" is part of the Excelsior campaign collection, which can be produced under the tab "Books". You must have reached level 65 for this campaign. The difficulty that each campaign adventure will provide is between 12-14 on the new difficulty scale.

    Once you have made all the preparations, expect unique and new environments - the home of the mountain clan - as well as unique challenges and rewards.

    The home of the mountain clan
    The homeland of the mountain clan spreads over a huge continent and lies in a different, misanthropic climate zone. Here, icy coldness, fog veils over the surroundings. Everywhere nothing but barren tundra or rugged rocks and rugged mountains. In this environment, the Northmen are at home and have built their own empire.

    Arrived at the coast, it goes briskly on open terrain, the barren tundra. After the mainland with golden grazing, the winding, snow-covered mountain trails and steep slopes follow. There are not only remote, snowy, partly well-meaning villages, but also old ruins, fortresses and mythical places to discover.

    The harsh environment and the harsh climate require you to make some decisions. Whether you take the way to the north or not, is entirely up to you.

    The idea behind it: there are too many islands in the Settler world. The idea of the continent is to arrive at the coast and fight deeper and deeper into the area over several campaign adventures.

    Unique Challenges
    As the campaign is designed for high-level players, there will be challenges ahead of you. For example, from time to time you will come across fortresses in the mountains with a high number of life points to make the fight even more diverse. There will also be new enemy units that will demand a lot from you.
    There is a higher focus on unit combinations to create more challenges for the Skill tree and to fully exploit the player's readiness. The harsh weather sets you on fire. Various negative effects (debuffs) make navigating difficult (fog on any undiscovered sector), fights (value changes in units) and much more.
    There will be central areas, such as villages, where you will receive missions that will lead you to points of interest on the map, such as forests, ruins, or farms that would otherwise be easy to bypass or omit.

    Newly introduced dynamic quest structures leave room for real decisions and enable active influence on the further progress of a campaign. (True to the example: there are three mountains to blast, but you only have one barrel full of blasting powder).

    The corporate mechanics with the mix of struggle and funding will be further expanded and interwoven. A new adventure fog mechanics veils all undiscovered zones in fog. Only defeating one sector camp reveals the next. This promotes immersion, excitement and the evolution of the story.

    Unique Rewards
    Those who pass the hard expedition to the north can truly take home unique treasures.
    Successful adventurers that have discovered the whole continent will give access to a new epic workhouse - the epic forge. Here you can get up to 10 production chains and 5 additional upgrades for each production chain through recipes (blueprints) from replayed campaign adventures:
    The production chains include all smelting and weapon forging products for bronze, iron, steel, titanium and platinum

    In addition, you will learn a blueprint for Nordic smokehouses - similar to a food store.
    These make, for example, fish steaks - a new production. The production speed is not reduced here by expansion stages, but decreases per active smokehouse on your home island.
    Other buildings such as the Meadhall or the fortress ruin are being planned

    Also from adventure rewards of the new campaign adventures: Obsidian horseshoes. These increase the speed of your generals in adventures enormously.
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    FeddaHeiko really impressed us with his presentation. Not only did he explain the story and idea behind his DSO Sim, but he also made some very specific remarks that would not have come to our attention otherwise. Hats off to this impressive work and the very complex preparation of the DSOsim.

    You can find his personal report of the community day here. A summary of the "Mountain Clan Campaign" was published in German on the 06.11.2017 too.

    We hope that the DSOSim supports you in the daily battles and we hope that you will diligently support him with hints and comments. Because if all settlers work together, the DSOSim will continue to evolve.

    English Translation for the Community Day in Düsseldorf by DSOSim

    On October, 13th 2017 Blue Byte held a “Community Day” and invited 12 players from the German gaming worlds, including me (FeddaHeiko).
    Honored because of the invitation I was jumping on the train. But it was Friday the 13th and something had to go wrong. I missed my connecting train in Cologne and arrived 45 minutes too late at the BB-headquarters.
    But I was lucky and aside from the introduction and a small date failure (2018 instead of 2017) in the NDA I did not miss anything, thanks to my call and the whisper down the lane everybody knew that the "feat Heiko" will arrive a bit late.

    Once BB_Pandur handed out a few small forms, while we visitors had some really tasty sliced sausage and cheese bread, we started our little studio tour. Pandur was showing us around the entire house.

    We started with the "History Wall" that showed us that Blue Byte is almost thirty years old and that they developed a lot of successful games since the founders started in their parent's garage. After this, we walked along the duck pond towards the DSO-Developer offices. Over there we learned how buildings got modulated and how the music and sound effects are created.

    Next, we had a little break and listened to a talk about a top-secret project that the BB staff is developing at the moment and which I am not allowed to talk about. Of cause, we also tested an early Alpha-Version of it which was interesting and made a lot of fun.
    Actually, a small notice ahead of time would have given me the chance to prepare a bit with my battle simulator.
    But thanks to a special test environment we had a lot of fun even though we could not much go into detail because of lack of time.

    Nevertheless, we had an hour of time to test and we filled a little survey later. Following that where coffee and cake which gave us the opportunity to exchange feedback with each other. I am happy that our suggestions were listened to and that they maybe influence the further development of the project.

    Of cause the BB Team was not only talking themselves - we also held a few talks towards them starting with the DSOTalk-Team which was represented by four men and one female during the community day. We learned a lot about the long history of DSOTalks and a lot of personal information about each team member.

    Next was Soralia and she was showing us her stunning pencil drawings. You can see them as digital copies in the forum. But I can't write much about them.
    The third talk was held by cAmou who is not a member of the DSOTalk-Team but the administrator of the website

    He was explaining us his motives and goals:
    He was one of the first Beta testers and during that old times, he was informing other players fast and competently about new features when BB was not able to do that. And to that day he is still reporting about updates that have been made to the Test and live server. We would be screwed without him.

    The last talk I contributed myself about the topic "Why the DSOSim was created?"
    I was talking about the beginnings of die Siedler and about my favourite battle simulator back in the days. Sadly it was switched off so I had to create my own because there was none with a Hall of Fame.

    Slowly the day was coming to an end and we left the Blue Byte studio to check into a hotel close by and to meet with six DSO-developers at the Brauhaus.
    There we had food and drank a lot of Altbier on BB's expenses.

    On top of that we got a lot of presents:
    - an original Blue Byte-Pencil (with the new logo on it): you can write everything with it and even remove it later.
    - an original Blue Byte Pen (with the new logo): writes a lot more but you can't remove it!
    - one original Blue Byte-Streichholzheft (with the old logo, two raws of matches and a pixel manikin on the back!)
    - one Siedler-Keychain (with the new Ubisoft-Logo on the back)
    - not one but two DSO-Cup-coasters with the loved motive of the Excelsior
    - one DSO-Cup, that you could even put into the dishwasher (but don't ask how it looks after)
    - a framed DSO-certificate with the name of all folks from BB that develop on the game and the signature of the six people that joined us during the evening
    - one boring and unimportant DSO-Gem card with 11,002 Gems

    The only sad news during that evening was that the promised DSO-T-Shirts were not available. BB_Pandur was grumbling that they run out of fabric. But we got a BB-bag (with new logo), that needs way less fabric compared to a T-shirt.

    But even without the T-Shirt, we had a cosy evening, drank a lot of beer and we're talking a lot.
    At all a really great idea that offered us a very interesting perspective on the work of BB.
    I can just repeat it here again: Thanks a lot for the invitation and the great experience!

    English Translation for the "Mountain Clan Campaign" by DSOSim

    Hot infos about the new frosty campaign
    Updated: 23.10.2017

    During the Community Day in Düsseldorf, we could not only see how BB works, but we were also surprised by a big announcement: a brand new campaign for the Excelsior! And this campaign is not only designed more beautiful, has harder enemies and larger rewards. No, it also has much less water!

    Yes, you read correctly: less water. Because this campaign starts (like all other adventures) at the coast, but soon you will leave the cold tundra at the coast and move forward to the even colder mountains in the hinterlands – where the water promptly returns, but this time in the form of snow and ice, instead of its liquid form.

    To survive in this harsh environment is really tough; everyone who played another of the adventures in the northern areas will meet some well-known enemies – but this time a lot more of them. Of course there will also be some completely new enemies, and I can tell you so much: You should dress yourself warmly for them!

    Blue Byte rates these new adventures on difficulty level 12-14, which makes them the hardest adventures in the entire games (previously the hardest was 13), which is not surprising, since the campaign is available starting level 65. The high difficulty level will be achieved by 3 components: Tough enemies, tricky enemy unit compositions and strongholds with huge amounts of hitpoints. The last one will increase the time to tear down the camps, which will make blocks much harder.

    On top of that, Blue Byte wants to extend the basic concept of ventures with these adventures, the mixture of combat and buffs. Also, we are supposed to gain allies, but how we will achieve that, and in which way they will help us, is still shrouded in secrecy by BB. We were allowed to test the first adventure of the campaign during the Community Day. You can find Screenshots provided by BB around this text. (If you want to see them in all their glory to get a feeling for the ambience, just click on them to get the full wallpaper size of 1920x1080p)

    I don’t want to say anything about the perceived difficulty level since we did not have much time for testing. Instead of calculating 2-3 camps forever, I proceeded quickly through the adventure thanks to a huge amount of provided units, assassins, arrows and catapults, and focused on the new mechanics instead. The first thing which caught my eye was the fog-mechanic because at the beginning only the first sector was visible, the other sectors had to be “unlocked”. This was especially interesting at a point where I had to decide between 3 paths since I could not see what is waiting for me on these paths. But even if this “surprise” is interesting the first time you play the adventure, I’m sure it will become less interesting every time you play the adventure. And if you play with tactic maps, you will probably not even notice this feature.

    The other mechanic that we could test was the already mentioned dynamic quest.
    You could decide, if you want to fulfil sidequests or if you want to leave them. Through this specific game experience, you are able to move the story with your decision and you can enjoy the campaign even more. Whether this brings the desired variety, remains to be seen; the tactic card creators will have fun though - as this will be an interesting change.

    This should, however, be even more interesting. Because in addition to the many different & individually skilled generals - now you also have the individual walk through the adventure, which multiplies the number of play variations greatly.

    Also new are weather effects that could have a negative impact on our units and Generals. I really would have liked to play this new feature, cause the mechanic reminds me of the altars in the adventure "the lost city" and was really great - hopefully, it is something like this. But sadly I was not able to test it on the Community Day, as either the effects were not fully implemented or would appear in the later parts of the adventures, which I was not able to see. Nevertheless: I really am excited to see it! What if we defy the harsh weather conditions, defeated all opponents and have survived all adversities? Do we just go home then? No, of course not! After all, for all our exertions we want to be rewarded appropriately, and we got plenty of rewards:

    The main reward for completing the full adventure series is the Epic Forge.
    It works similar to the other Epic work buildings, but is on the melting of ores and specialized in the weaponsmithing.
    It can handle bronze, iron, steel, titanium and platinum and gets up to 10 Production chains of 5 stages. So if you want to unlock everything, you have to lead your troops into the cold and harsh north.

    For the Meadhall and the fortress ruin, no details are known yet; the obsidian horseshoes will be an improved version of the platinum horseshoes and the will let your general run through the adventures even more. In addition, during the campaign, you will receive a smokehouse which can produce the fish steaks.

    So what awaits us?
    First a lot of snow and many opponents, then narrow paths and steep slopes, icy cold and icy enemies and finally big fortresses and big rewards - all in all, a really interesting thing.
    And who is totally interested in the new adventure series but becomes angry, as the level of 65 is rather hight, do not worry! You still have enough time to increase your experience and gain some level. For all the other, get your woolen sicks and thick knit sweaters ready: You'll need them.

    • There will be a new campaign, accessible via the books in the purple UFO [also known as Excelsior]
    • For players starting at level 65
    • Difficulty level between 12-14 (right now the highest difficulty was level 13)
    • The adventure series starts in the tundra and leads into steep mountains
    • Tells of a journey from the coast to the interior regions
    • New, strong opponents who defy the cold
    • Fortresses with high health points
    • Weather effects create debuffs
    • Dynamic quests, means: Decisions have an impact
    • Fog mechanics, means: you only see explored sectors

    Each adventure of the campaign has a new, unique reward:
    • Epic Forge with 10 production chains [can smelt ore and forge weapons for bronze, iron, steel, titanium and platinum]
    • Smokehouse: can produce fish steaks (similar to the grilled steak)
    • Meadhall
    • Fortress ruins
    • Obsidian horseshoe

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    Who doesn't know Soralia from the German instance?
    For a long time, she stood by our side and published The Settlers Online related masterpieces.

    You can check out her creative corner "Soralia's Zeichnungen" in the German Forum. Besides The Settlers Online artwork, she also makes brilliant unrelated art. You can find more drawings, portraits and other pieces of art on her personal forum thread "Kunstmitbleistift" (Art with pencil).
    During her presentation on the community day she gave us some insight into the development of her work. She has taken up various fields in her drawings and it's very hard to put into words. She has created special styles for certain fabrics and textures to make them appear as real as possible. She also has certain objects in her drawings such as a glass of water. She has invested a lot of time, many hours of work, as it was a particularly difficult challenge.

    Can you imagine the amount of effort this requires? Every stroke has to be perfect, otherwise, the whole drawing could lose its expressiveness.

    We were truly enchanted and could not contain our amazement. Our personal highlight was her valuable portfolio, it contained many of the original drawings and was carefully shown to all settlers. Thank you for such an insight!

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    A very dedicated helper from the Apfelhain chat told us about some special activities in the chat and how she got her passion for helping. We were fascinated by everything that's possible in the chat and how much dedication and love for the implementation of such ideas is required.

    Together with other settlers (LadyEleria & ThomasFG) she has always been at your side in the chat even to share tips & tricks. Pukka is always friendly, lively and super helpful.

    In the years 2011-2013 there was a very special evening activity which was also recorded in written form. Every evening from 21:00 CET ThomasFG offered a special 'Good Night' story and everyone in the chat could and would join in to make the story into a great adventure. Back then the stories would even be shared on a special webradio station, but unfortunately the station stopped operationg some years back.

    From the beginning of Apfelhain until the end of the stories in 2013, Thomas (ThomasFG) told us a bedtime story almost every night at 9 pm - mostly with lively participation of the chat participants. Some of us just thought it was a shame to have those stories lost so easily, and we started - with the approval of Thomas - to copy the story out of the chat every night.
    You can still follow up the old chat-stories on the personal page of Pukka, which can be found here "Apfelhain21uhr"

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    Leatherface is also renowned for his tactical maps. He runs a page with tactical maps that includes a tool for the best Barrack production which offers an overview of the new skills.

    If you find yourself in need of a specific walkthrough in an adventure, the maps of Leatherface will help you out for sure.

    The community day got a special section and you can check out all the information about the upcoming expansion and some insights here.

    English Translation of the Fansite Text (personal report)

    One or the other has already noticed - Yes, this year I had the honour to have been on the Community Day 2017! I would like to take this opportunity to simply thank you officially for the opportunity and this great, unforgettable day! That we were allowed to look over your shoulders and talk to you about innovations! We also got to know you personally and then talked nonstop until 5 AM in the morning. This also shows very clearly that you have done everything right there! And I'm proud to have been there!

    Sure, my settler friends are surely all curious as to what we were allowed to see and try ... But hey, it should also stay exciting! Nonetheless, you want to be informed and we are also able to present you quite exclusive some info, including pictures!

    Personally, I'm really looking forward to the New Campaign ... and of course, to provide you with tactic maps!

    A new Challenge
    Well, what's new? A new challenge! A completely new campaign! (Right you already saw the first new screenshots, which BB has sent us * Thank you at this point *)

    The campaign is for the bigger players from level 65(Difficulty level: 12-14). The approach of the Adventure Campaign will be similar to that of the "Evil Queen" of the Excelsior. You play the first adventure, after finishing you will get the next part as a follow-up adventure. This campaign is also available in the Excelsior as a collection in a book category.

    Story and developement
    • The basic development builds on a "Journey to the North": You start on a coast and continue with every further venture on a journey to the north.
    • The second area covers the topic of "survival": you must make decisions that will enable you to survive in the harsh environment
    • During your journey, you'll need to find a path through the mountains, where you'll wander the narrow trails and where your choices lead the way.
    • You will also meet new allies and learn more about their extraordinary legends.
    • Finally, you will be able to fight new, strong enemies

    The 3 developer goals
    1. A unique new area
    2. A unique challenge
    3. And new, unique rewards

    Unique new area
    • Away from a normal island, to a coast and hinterland
    • Open areas
    • Combination of grass and snow
    • Home of the Northmen

    Mountains, as a counterpoint to the tundra
    • Lead deeper into the hinterland
    • Narrow (mountain) paths
    • Cliffs & stones
    • Cold and harsh environment
    • From villages of the Northmen to huge forts and ruins
    • More snow

    Unique challenge
    • High-Fortified Fortresses to add extra variety to the fight.
    • A higher focus on unit combinations to create more challenges for the talent tree and fully exploit the player's preparation ability.
    • Weather events that generate additional "debuffs" (status reductions)
    • Central areas (villages) with orders that lead to points of interest on the map, such as Forests, ruins, farms ...
    • Dynamic quest structures that allow room for real decisions and also have an impact on further progress in the campaign.
    • The attempt to develop the mechanics with promotions and battles.
    • Coasts and hinterlands have been provided with fog mechanics to further advance progress and development

    New, unique rewards
    Epic Forge
    • Melter and Weaponsmith, includes Bronze, Iron, Steel, Titanium and Platinum
    • 10 production chains
    • 5 additional upgrades for each production chain through recipes (Blueprints)

    • privisionhouse
    • Fish steak, similar to the grilled steak
    • Reduces production time with each additional building placed

    • Meadhall (not a fixed name)
    • Fortress ruin
    • Obsidian horseshoes, which are even more powerful than the platinum horseshoes and which focus on the rewards of the Excelsior's campaigns.

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    Other Visitors

    Of course, we didn't only have DSO Talk, SiedlerVision, DSO-Sim and the hard-working helpers, but also some (tactical) map creators. Certain adventures are particularly difficult to solve, have you suffered many losses?

    Some of our settlers did not want to take it sitting down any longer. They checked the units, adventures, and enemies. Many hours went by to the test their ideas and in the end they created THE perfect tactical maps for many adventures. You will get tips & tricks, see which units you should use and where blocking or locking would be advisable.

    If you are unsure about an adventure, it is worth keeping an eye out for these settlers. They are really hardworking, helpful and support their settlers friends.

    Boginis Taktikkarten (Tactic maps from Bogini)

    Here is a list of our participants:
    • FeddaHeiko
    • Soralia
    • Bonnie2
    • oO_Camou_Oo
    • Nitram
    • st2309
    • boerben
    • gebbie
    • LeatherfaceUCCB
    • Pukka
    • Bogini
    • nf2806

    Many Thanks! It was an incredible experience and we will be considering more community meetings.

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