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Thread: I hear you are having guild chat problems, and I feel bad for you son...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BB_Odhran View Post
    Hey Virtuous,

    Could you please fill out a support ticket about this issue that you are having. You can do this Here. They will get this sorted out for you as soon as possible.
    I will fill out a ticket for it, I have also heard from a number of other people that they are experiencing this same issue as well so it seems to be a well spread issue amongst various if not all players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtuous View Post
    Issues I am having with chat lately is mid sentence, the typing stops and all of a sudden my screen is jumping around depending on what I am typing when this happens and/or building info box opens up, again depending on what I was typing and I have to click back on the chat window in order to continue typing where I had left off due to being clicked off of chat somehow when I never even touched the mouse or anything. And no, this issue has not been fixed
    Okay, good to know it's not just me that is happening to. I have asked in guild about it but doesn't seem to bother anyone else but me.
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