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Thread: [Dev Diary] Guild Market Vote

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    [Dev Diary] Guild Market Vote

    More information about the Guild Market Vote feature

    Dear settlers,

    A couple of months ago we published a Sneak Peek about the new Guild Market Vote, a feature available for testing on the international test server. Since then, our team has worked hard to finalize the new in-game interface of the voting tool.

    The new voting system will be activated worldwide for all members of a Guild in December. So don't be surprised when you see a new tab in your Guild UI, "Guild Market Vote".

    A new quest line will guide you through the process of voting and a new archive entry explaining the feature will be available as well.

    First batch & runtimes

    • The first vote will start right after the activation on December 6th.
    • It will be open for 21 28 days.
    • All votes after that will be running for 3 months.
    After the voting time has run out, the new items will become available in the "Guild Market" category at the merchant. At the same time, a new vote starts and the results of the recently ended vote become available in the Guild Market Vote interface. See more information about voting and the results below.

    The Guild Market Vote mechanic allows guild members to vote items for the next batch in the guild market category at the merchant.
    1. The Guild Market Vote consists of two categories.
      The first one contains unique items, mostly rare buildings.
      However, it might also contain other unique items such as specialists.
    2. The second category contains default items such as buffs, refills or adventures.
    3. Each item has a price in guild coins which has to be paid if you want to purchase the item inside the guild market category of the merchant.
    4. Most of the items inside the unique category have a limited amount of purchases.
      This limit counts only for one batch and it will reset with each additional batch the item appears in.
    5. A click on one of the items will select this item for your vote and mark it with a green check mark.
      An additional click will remove the selection.

    6. Each of the two categories has a maximum amount of items which can be selected for a vote.
    7. Once at least one item has been selected, you can submit your vote by hitting the green checkmark button or revert the current selection by clicking the cancel button.

    8. After your vote has been submitted, the remaining time until the next vote is displayed at the bottom of the window.
      When the time is up, the items in the Guild Market merchant category will be replaced with the latest results.
      At the same time, a new voting session will be made available.
    9. Your vote submission can be reverted during a vote period for a small fee.
      This allows you to place your vote again.
    10. You can view the results from the previous vote by clicking the button in the bottom right.
      Those results show which items are available in the current guild market batch at the in-game merchant.

    11. If one of the winning results piques your interest, you can go directly to the guild market category in the merchant by clicking this button.

    Important note
    The vote runtime and results shown here will have no effect on the live server vote. They were taken from the test server for demonstration purposes only. The items, guild coins amounts, gem amount are also preliminary and may not reflect the final values.
    We hope you will enjoy this update and have much fun with the new Guild Market items soon!

    Looking forward to receiving your feedback > here <.

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    DD edit

    Dear Settlers,

    Please be aware of the following changes:

    • The Guild Market vote will start on December 6th!
    • The first vote will run for 21 28 days.

    Best regards,
    The Community Team

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    Update 06.12.2017

    Dear Settlers,

    The new Guild Market Vote in the game started!
    As promised, the runtime of the first vote is 28 days – it ends on January 3rd.

    The game might still show a runtime of 21 days (end date December 29th).
    Please log out and leave your island untouched for at least 2 hours.
    The game will then show the correct end date and time at the vote interface.

    The items at the merchant's Guild Market vote category are inserted based on the last results automatically in the future. When inserting the results from the last manual Guild Market vote by hand, the Savage Scout Explorer was made available to all players again, the limit of 1x was reset. Since the overall limit of 13 was and will not be raised, some lucky players might now be able to achieve the Savage Scout one more time.

    Despite these inconveniences, we hope you will have fun with the new system!

    The Settlers Online” team

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