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Thread: Christmas Community Contest update

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    Christmas Community Contest

    Christmas Community Contest
    Time span: Friday, 21st of December (09:00 ET) – Friday, 29th of December (17:59 ET)

    Dear settlers,

    It's Christmas time again! And just like clockwork: radio, TV channels, supermarkets and all kinds of places are flooding your ears with festive songs. So we thought we'd make some use of this forced exposure, and play a little guessing game.

    • Guess The Christmas Song
      There is almost nothing that cannot be expressed with Emojis - so let's have some Christmas-Emoji-Fun! Can you translate the Emojis to a well-known Christmas Jingle?

    General conditions
    • Submit your answer within the community event's time span:
      Thursday, 21st of December (09:00 ET) – Friday, 29th of December (17:59 ET)
    • Participate in the contest and submit your answers >HERE< *
    *: We use Google forms to collect all contest answers. Only the data you put into the form is being saved. In order to transfer any rewards to your account, it's necessary that you submit your nickname and instance you are playing on. All related data is being deleted from the service after the event has ended.

    Formal requirements
    • You have one regular game account
    • Underage players must get parent/guardian permission to participate.
    • The username and game instance has been submitted correctly (failure to do this may result in no rewards if you're eligible).
    • Participants agree that Ubisoft / Blue Byte is allowed to announce the winners and present their rewarded contribution. Real names will not be used for the publication, only nicknames, game world and language version. The contribution will be stored on Ubisoft /Blue Byte servers to present the content. Channels that might be used for announcing the winners and for presenting the contributions are international websites, forums, Facebook channels, Instagram and Twitter channels managed by Ubisoft / Blue Byte (especially "The Settlers Online" channels).

    Players who submit the correct answer to all questions along with their username and game instance can win one of the rewards listed below at random:

    5 x 2,000 Gems
    5 x 7 Premium Days
    10 x 1,000 Gems
    10 x 1 Premium Day
    10 x 500 Gems
    20 x 250 Gems
    50 x 5 Crystals

    Announcement of winners
    • The winners will be announced until Friday, 5th January 2018.
    • Prizes will be sent to winners' game accounts as soon as possible via in-game message

    Participate now >HERE<.

    Also please share any feedback with us here.

    Happy holidays!
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    Christmas Community Contest update


    Guess the Christmas Song Winners!
    Dear Settlers,

    Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun and festive quiz; even though it was a busy time of year, we had a huge amount of entries from you all! Before we divulge the winners, you probably want to see the correct answers for each song:


    1. Jingle bell rock

    2. Santa baby

    3. Run, Rudolph, Run

    4. Frosty the snow man

    5. Driving home for Christmas

    6. It's Christmas time

    7. Rocking around the Christmas tree

    8. Oh, Christmas tree

    9. Little drummer boy

    10. Joy to the world

    11. Sleigh Ride

    12. Oh holy night

    13. Twelve days of Christmas

    14. Baby, it's cold outside

    Did you get them all right? If you did, you might find yourself in the list of winners below! These are the results:

    2,000 Gem Winners
    Congratulations to 5 players!

    Appelflap - NL
    mamabear - DE
    filzenexpress - DE
    Harmonieengel - DE
    Lisq3 - PL

    7 Premium Day Winners
    Congratulations to 5 players!

    Marsha_Mellow - UK
    Milunon - FR
    w0nd3rgr0und - DE
    GarenM - DE
    Alexleeone - US

    1,000 Gem Winners
    Congratulations to 10 players!

    Nicky_Sixx - UK
    RoterDrachenkopf - DE
    PayDor - DE
    Elfwida - DE
    Onsenfoudupseudo - FR
    Tomard - PL
    Frosina - ES
    DieRabin - DE
    Jim_B - UK
    Puncte31 - RO

    1 Premium Day Winners
    Congratulations to 10 players!

    Daenerys222 - FR
    Wasserfee78 - DE
    Tweety2012 - DE
    Arwen-- - DE
    ann75 - DE
    Naddelina - DE
    Iamdan - US
    Valentinijn2005 - NL
    Joehoe - UK
    HagbardCeline - DE

    500 Gems Winners
    Congratulations to 10 players!

    Nogbad-the-bad - UK
    Klossum - DE
    Ellatrix - DE
    schmale31 - DE
    Moinia - PL
    drtoudi - PL
    Ullus - DE
    Branka0108 - DE
    CharlieOrpse - UK
    Oskadagrosse - DE

    250 Gems Winners
    Congratulations to 20 players!

    samarytanin123 - PL
    Schummel - DE
    Grace - ES
    Rincewinde - UK
    Raider_ - UK
    RagnarTheRaider - US
    RedLouis - NL
    Sanseyy - DE
    blacksquirrel - DE
    Suts - US
    jalinca - DE
    oraDaro - DE
    liwi0815 - DE
    Tzaphie - DE
    Drone - UK
    Kriigh - BR
    Zoesopi - DE
    germConquer - DE
    MarkG - UK
    Rahmanan - US

    5 Crystal Winners
    Congratulations to 50 players!

    Spr4wl - US
    Ammok - UK
    Pticaillot - FR
    ariana - DE
    Lord1 - DE
    Ducatine - ES
    Odda - PL
    wesa - DE
    calippone - IT
    Dinkynduke - UK
    thrus - DE
    SiRiCy - DE
    kotokaczka - PL
    Yakshini - DE
    Mepheus- - DE
    idemenato123 - CZ
    Gieteix - PL
    Cool_Ice - UK
    aret47 - GR
    Hippopotamus - DE
    Ani1991 - UK
    sunstar2012 - DE
    Sanna85 - DE
    Boosterbl - DE
    MoorhuhnGT - DE
    Cień_Czasu - PL
    Kridlo - UK
    Katriona53 - UK
    Sulipund - ES
    lose - DE
    Fiko61 - DE
    Djnelson99 - UK
    Afke - NL
    Prolifix - UK
    MARRefox - CZ
    mirwil67 - DE
    frko1911 - FR
    RudolphVonRieman - DE
    Aurrialis - US
    Nanoblatt - DE
    bambitzu - PL
    schnegge- - DE
    Edomites - DE
    Hazel_Nutt - UK
    Zensi65 - DE
    CyrusXavier - US
    RedMaid - US
    Edvinp2 - UK
    stafen - DE
    Dieu-le-Gros - UK
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