Combat Guides

Valiant Little Tailor (Blocking Required)
Units Need 1609R 2168B 536M 200C 111S 200LB 100XB 57E 150K
Units Lost 1609R 2168B 542M 111S 200LB

XP 94893 collected. This adventure normally yields 78000 XP. So Using General Mary improved our
XP by 17093 points.

Purpose: These combat instructions attempt to incorporate General Mary Christmas in as many battles
as reasonably possible to maximize her XP exploit while at the same time losing as many or
fewer troops as Evil J's combat guide.
Time: This guide is time intensive because I only have 3 MMA's. It took about 2 days to complete
due to the wait time for generals to heal. I think this time can be improved.

NOTE: USED Evil J Guide Map:
GMC - General Mary Christmas
My GMC has 3 levels of Jog and 2 Levels of Juggernaut training. I used the BH Gen in the
combat sim to approximate GMC skills, which works fairly well.
My MG (Major General) has 9% First Aid & 2 Juggernaut Levels so his troops losses will be
slightly less than a MG that does not have that training. My MMA have 9% First Aid &
2 Juggernaut levels of training.
One of my MMA also has 2 Levels of Overrun training, but this is only applicable to bosses.
MOD (Master of Defence) - 1 Jog, 2 First Aid, 1 Juggernaut training.
Blocking: Evil J Blocking is very time critical, and his instructions must be followed exactly.
NONE of my Regular Generals used for blocking have any training.

Process: I used the TSO FastSim v5.2 combat sim.
I used the combat options having the lowest troop values that did not involve XB, E, or K troop
All attacks have proven to work.
Troop Losses: Your troops losses could be slightly different based on the training level of your generals.

Combat Guide
Camp Attack Losses Instructions

C1 Enemy: 100 Boar 30 Foxes
W1 MMA 1R -1R
W3 GMC 110R 90K -95R

C2 Enemy: 120 Wolves
W1 GMC 120R 40C 40K -117R

C4 Enemy: 90 Wolves 90 Foxes
W1 MG 195B 50LB 25K -193B block C3 using Evil J blocking

L1 Enemy: 80 Boar 60 Foxes 1 Giant Gogor 1 Giant Bogor
W1 MG 45M 75S 150K -45M -69S block c3 & c5 using Evil J blocking

C6 Enemy: 170 Boar
W1 GMC 64R -64R
W2 MGC 170R 1E 99K -153R

C7 Enemy: 120 Wolves
W1 MG 144R 1E 125K -144R this is Evil J's strategy

L2 Enemy: 50 Boar 80 Wolves 60 Foxes 1 Unicorn
W1 MMA 210R -210 use evil J blocking
W2 MG 155R 115K -155R use evil J blocking

C10 Enemy: 60 Wolves 140 Foxes
W1 MMA 1R -1R
W2 MOD 7R -7R
W3 GMC 150R 50K -141M

C11 Enemy: 40 Bear 60 Foxes
W1 MMA 1R -1R
W1 MMA 4R -4R
W3 GMC 150R 50K -118R

C12 Enemy: 80 Foxes 50 Bears
W1: MMA 23R 33B -23R -33B
W2 MMA 23R 33B -23R -33B
W3 GMC 150R 50K -113R

C13 Enemy: 160 Foxes
W1: MMA 1R -1R
W2: GMC 100M 100K -70M

L3 Enemy: 69 Wolves 50 Bears 80 Foxes 1 Furious Boar Value 534.17
W1: GMC 200B -200B
W2: MMA 220B -220B
W3: MG 120R 150K -105R following Evil J. blocking procdures C14 Reg Gen 105E 95C

L3 Alternate Solution using GMC to destroy camp for max XP of region. Value 567.62
W1: MMA 220B -220B
W2: MMA 220B -220B
W3: GMC 143M 57E -64M

C15 Enemy: 60RB 80RR
W1: MMA 1R -1R
W2: MMA 1R -1R
W3: GMC 150R 50K -137R

C16 Enemy: 50RM 60RLB
W1: MMA 20B 200LB -20B 200LB
W2: GMC 200C -0C

C17 Enemy: 60RM 50RK
W1: MMA 105R -105R
W2: GMC 100M 100XB -76M

C18 Enemy: 120RLB
W1: MMA 175B -175B
W2: GMC 200C -0C

C19 Enemy: 170RR
W1: MG 70R 50S 150K -70R -42S

C20 Enemy: 150RB 30RC
W1: MMA 1R -1R
W2: MMA 1R -1R
W3: GMC 200B -164B

C21 Enemy: 30RM 80RLB 40RC
W1 MMA 50B -50B
W2 GMC 200B -200B
W3 MG 270R -206R

L4 Enemy: 60RM 80RLB 40RC Evil King
W1 MMA 220B -220B
W2 MMA 220B -220B
W3 GMC 184M 16E -146M