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Thread: I am stuck at level 4 with only the tavern quest remaining

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rulof View Post
    Thanks BB, got sent the 13 stones from Paul. will finish the tavern, rest of the game will go smooth
    Hey Rulof,

    Sorry that I did not see this right away. If you have issues like this again or any other time please do feel free to PM me on here. I am glad though that this got solved for you and I was going to suggest to sending you the missing stone so that you could advance.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SSSecretSquirrel View Post
    nice troll bro
    I find it funny that you try to accuse me of trolling when I offer suggestions to help possibly fix the issue, but you never offered a single piece of advice or help whatsoever, but only commented on here to troll me, mirror, reflection, look it up

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    Every advice you gave was ineffective in terms of solving the problem. Something that would have been immediately obvious if read and comprehended the beautifully written original post. Since you have established yourself as a person of great intelligence and knowledge of the game, a bit of a know-it-all some might say I found it extremely unlikely that your post was written as anything other than a joke.

    As the problem is clearly a bug and players cant fix bugs any help i would have offered would have been ineffective so only correct help would have come from an employee of BB.
    Another reason BB should see this is the fact that their chat ban of level 4 leaves players without help. This tavern thing is not a one-off. It was pure luck that in this case it was an experienced player. In most cases its not. If I found a game that gets me stuck in first 5 minutes without help I would find another game.

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