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Thread: Change log - 20.03.2018

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    Change log - 20.03.2018

    20th of March 2018


    • The technical implementation of the Easter Event: a new building, a new specialist and new buffs will become available worldwide on March 26th, at around 05:00 ET. More information will be posted in a corresponding Dev Diary.
    • A new horseshoe buff will be available in the "Epic Items" category at the in-game merchant.

    • Description of the Quality Shaft skills for the geologist has been adjusted in order to be more precise.
    • The blocking of the Easter Bunny Topiary has been adjusted to avoid being placed on the wrong spots.
    • Corrected some cases where "Rabbits Wheat Field" was called "Rabbits Farm Field".
    • A situation where the buff quest "The Little Panda" gave out more rewards than intended has been solved.

    You are invited to provide feedback > here. <
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