Mountain Clan Campaign: Fourth and Fifth Missions are waiting to be tested

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Dear Settlers,

The new game version deployed today on introduces the the fourth and fifth missions of the "Mountain Clan" campaign. Check out the new maps below!

Download the map: Full - Medium - Small

"The People of the Mountain" - The fourth Mission that is part of the "Mountain Clan" campaign.
Your guide reveals that he is a member of the Mountain Clan himself and that the clan is spreading rumors about its alleged evil ways themselves to keep others away. They have been fighting a dangerous enemy, the Jötnar (Frost Giants), for decades, and do not want to risk strangers interfering. But the tides of the conflict have turned and they need help.

After proving your helpfulness to the clan, you are admitted to the clan's territory, where you must push back the Jötnar's beasts, reinforce the Mountain Clan's defenses, and establish your own outpost on the front. Reinforcing their gates requires Obsidian, shards of which can be found in various locations that have been claimed by the Jötnar, so you must reclaim them to stop beasts from repeatedly breaking through.

The fifth mission, A Giant Battle is also made available for testing on our public test server. If you'd like to give it a try, however, we strongly recommend that you finish the previous missions first!

Download the map: Full - Medium - Small

"A Giant Battle" - The fifth Mission that is part of the "Mountain Clan" campaign.
After finding out the truth behind the Mountain Clan - their never-ending battle against the Ice Giants - you decide to side with them to free their hands to help you out with the troubles on your home island. The bridges to the giant realm have been destroyed as a last resort action to keep them shut in, though this prohibits also every attempt to rid the world of this threat for good. The Mountain Clan could already witness your strength as general and allow one bridge to be repaired. In case you don't succeed within a given time, they will have to destroy the bridge again. Many blockades and gates are still intact, keeping the bigger giants in check. Rumors say their leader feeds of the power of his vices. It has been a long time since any human set foot in these lands. You will have to explore the area on your own. Better prepare for some epic battles ahead!

By completing the adventure chain, a unique production chain building will be rewarded. It will become available on the test server in May.

We invite you to test the new ventures and provide your feedback in our test server forums.
Our game design team is closely watching your feedback and participating in discussions.

Happy testing!