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Thread: [Recruitment] Looking for Chat Moderators!

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    [Recruitment] Looking for Chat Moderators!

    Hi Settlers!

    We are interested in recruiting new moderators to join our team. Moderators help their fellow players by answering questions in-game and by keeping the chat clean, as well as assisting with a few chat events.

    Time frame: We're specifically looking for players that are willing and able to moderate in the afternoon and evenings, Eastern/Pacific time, ranging anywhere from 1pm to 5am. You would not have to cover that entire period. Being available any time during those hours is what we're looking for.

    Please take some time to read the information provided below. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me!

    If you are interested, simply send me a private message with the information below.

    1. At least 18 years old
    2. Have a certain knowledge of the game (the more you know, the better)
    3. Have good writing skills (moderators should set an example by writing well)
    4. Being open and regularly available on Skype
    5. The ability to work well within a team (with the other moderators)
    6. Sense of humor
    7. Knowing that being a moderator is a responsibility and not a "power over others" position (impartiality, no abuse)

    Essential information when applying:
    1. Provide a short presentation about yourself (name, age, main occupation, hobby?)
    2. Let us know your availability (weekdays, weekend, time spent in-game)
    3. What motivates you
    4. Explain your experience as a moderator, if any
    5. Tell us what you think about the game and your level
    6. Your location (geographically)

    Your applications will be studied and stored; if selected, you will be contacted by me.

    I look forward to receiving your applications!

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