I've been playing Settlers since Dec 2012 and I'm forming a new guild that caters to players - like me - that play solo, and don't join a guild because they don't want to be in a guild, but are sick of missing out on Guild Quests, Guild Achievements in Special Events, and the occasional, "Okay, I've looked everywhere, and I just can't find the answer, does someone know... ?" Send game mail to Mordameus if interested in joining.

Here's the write up:

If you treat RL Players like NPCs. If you play online games to get away from people. If you solo games as far as you can and only join a party because you have to. If you resent when games force you to join a guild or have friends just to finish quests or accomplishments. Then you might just be a Solo Master.

- No RL. No Social Chat
- Work on finding the answer yourself before asking. Don't just sit and ask without the effort of finding out yourself. Only ask after that fails.
- Help anyone who asks.
- Perform Guild Game Functions Promptly - in addition to Guild Quest: Guild Voting, Achievements, Special Events, Etc.. Anyone typically holding up Guild Game Events will be kicked. After all, it's the only reason we joined this thing.

- Level 16 and UP.

MASTER - Owner.
COMMANDER - Can do everything but edit guild emblem.
COLONEL - Can invite and kick members.
RANGER - Can invite members.

Help Those In Need. No Drama, No Socail Chat. No RL.

Send game mail to Mordameus if interested in joining.