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    Test Server News

    Dear settlers,

    The public test server has just been updated with a new version that improved the way in-game messages are handled. Here's what it's all about:

    Mail window improvements

    In order to provide new bulk message handling options we've implemented functions to mark all messages by type. A new drop-down menu will be available next to the checkbox to mark all messages. You can check/mark all messages of the following types with one click:

    • Adventure
    • Read
    • Unread
    • Battle Report
    • Buff
    • Friend
    • Gift
    • Guild
    • Gems
    • Loot
    • NPC
    • Trade
    To handle those messages, new entries will be added to the context menu.
    Alternatively, a new button will be implemented, we are still testing both ways:
    • Delete
    • Add all to star menu
    • Add all to mayor's house

    This should lead to a much more efficient and simple way of sorting through your mail window; especially if you're an avid user of the Trading Office or a keen adventurer!

    Important: Keep in mind that balancing, functionalities and optics may change until content from the test server hits the live servers.

    Head over to the public test server to see the changes for yourself!

    Happy testing!

    Feel free to share your feedback with us in our dedicated feedback thread.
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