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It was mentioned by a BB quite some time ago, stating something along the lines of you won't be finding/attacking colonies from friends/guildies from the selection your Explorer returns.
Which I think was also debunked a bit later as someone killed their FL and/or could confirm leftovers werent doing Expeditions and the selection was still crap. That aside, it still wouldn't explain my experience of going through phases where you are guaranteed crap or guaranteed good rolls, FL didn't change, people still werent doing Expeditions regardless (at that time we didn't even get sector shadow XP and there were maybe 5 people doing expeditions on the entire server to begin with).
Thanks for elaborating on this. It seems to me that in the kind of game where it is encouraged, and benefits players to have large friend lists for adventures and trading, it would be counterintuitive to limit "pvp" to an even smaller subset of the population. Especially where any reason for doing so is already mitigated by the fact that opponents are anonymous, and you can't team up with friends and guildmates anyway.