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Thread: [Changelog] 18.09.2018

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    [Changelog] 18.09.2018

    18th of September 2018

    • The technical implementation of the Anniversary Event which will begin on September 24th worldwide and last for 2 weeks. More information will be posted in a corresponding Dev Diary.

    • Tutorial related highlights blink at a normal pace again.
    • The title of the mails received after an unskilled explorer's search are no longer containing the term "skillful".
    • The text of certain quests has been adjusted in The Mountain Clan campaign venture, Unknown Region.
    • Changed units which were not affected by combat abilities in certain co-op adventures.
    • The descriptions of the buffs affecting your troops in the Mountain Clan Campaign will be more specific.
    • A display glitch affecting the cavalry's tooltip description due to the piercing cold debuff of the Mountain Clan Campaign has been fixed.
    • The little water tile on which it was possible to apply an island deed has been linked to the proper sector.
    • If a production of an epic workyard is upgraded while a buff is running, the upgraded production is also affected by the buff.
    • The description of the quest "Save the Deers" has been adjusted to be more specific.
    • The issue with claiming new island sectors has been fixed.
    • There are no deposit limitations for Titanium, Granite and Saltpeter on the archipelago anymore.
    • Settlers Headquarters cannot be deleted if it is the last storehouse in the sector.

    You are invited to provide feedback > here. <
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    Changelog 18.09.18 update

    Dear settlers,

    Another change made it to the new version:

    • The settlers limit for the Settlers HQ was increased from 20 to 220 settlers.

    Happy Settling,

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