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Thread: [Feedback] Dev Diary Weekly Challenges & Training Grounds

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    [Feedback] Dev Diary Weekly Challenges & Training Grounds

    Dear Settlers,

    The Dev Diary for the Weekly Challenges & Training Grounds was just published and we can't wait to hear your initial impressions and overall feedback.

    Thank you,
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    I am a huge fan of the increases to baseline for Arabian housing units. Gives some import to the struggle to find room for an Arabian Palace now.

    The training grounds are obviously great. Will have 2 on day one.

    Weekly challenges sound fun and I'm sure the added benefits and variety will be a welcome addition.

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    I have never understood the logic for giftable but not tradeable. It has always been a doorway to stealing from those who are long-time players. Can someone please explain why this is a good idea, Thank you

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    Is there a typo on the Dark Castle final upgrade?

    Dark Castle 1-6 0 | 14 | 43 | 61 | 82 | 128 population: 100 | 210 | 320 | 430 | 640 | 650

    There's a 110 jump per level. on the last one it shows 650??
    must be the 640 suppose to be 540??
    or the last stage must be 750 - which is worth it.

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    the update that needs an update before it actually goes live lol
    not interested in the weekly challenges until theyre changed. like the idea, dont like the execution, the quests are too demanding for little reward.
    also like said before, the training grounds are the stupidest building ever, shouldve been buried with the guild bank

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    Before getting excited on how much population you can get by upgrading the population buildings, take a minute and check the quests. And keep in mind those are WEEKLY quests. Or, if you move fast, you can be done in less then a week... but lets say 1 chain quest per week...

    From test server:

    Quest name: Kingdom Defence

    first quest: produce the follows:
    2900 platinum bars, pay 5800
    2300 cloth, pay 4600
    2000 gunpowder, pay 4000
    370 wagons, pay 740

    Second quest:
    complete 3 Whirlwind
    gather and pay 2600 coin

    Third quest: train and delegate the follows:
    510 Militia
    55 Crossbowmen
    816 Swordsmen
    295 Mounted Marksmen

    Quest name: Archaeological Excavation

    first quest: produce and pay the follows:
    1450 advanced paper, pay 2900
    1100 bookfitting, pay 1100
    100000 coal, pay 200000

    second quest: train and delegate the follows:
    140 cavalry
    80 elite soldiers
    615 swordsmen
    385 marksmen

    Third quest:
    complete 3 Storm Recovery
    gather and pay 3700 coins.

    Quest name: Architectural Inspiration

    first quest:
    complete Besieged City

    second quest: train and delegate
    700 bowmen
    255 soldiers
    445 MS
    445 B

    third quest: produce and pay
    13300 marble, pay 26600
    5600 exo planks, pay 11200
    2250 mah planks, pay 4500
    9550 granite, pay 19100

    And so on. Check test server if you want to see more.

    Now take a look at your economy overview. Check how much you produce. Do the math and see if you can pay that many resources on a weekly base.
    Do this for weapons too, not only for resources.

    And a bit more math. The chain reward is 25 tokens. Count your population buildings and see how many tokens you need to upgrade them all. And how many quests you need to complete.

    Are you still excited about this?

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    From what i have seen and read above, I have to agree. Love the idea of being able to level these buildings... wish it was a bigger increase on some of them but hey!

    However, the cost not only in resources but time to do some of these quests to get such a small amount of tokens is just pointless.. especially for those already at 75 or those not interested in levelling as there is still nothing to gain past 71.

    Like other things introduced its hard to see why they have been brought in, if not to be a resource sink for those players who have been hoarding for years. To have an economy to support all these quests that have been brought in would be crazy.

    BB likes to talk about balance...I think they must be playing with an unlimited test account to think balance is being achieved here for rewards.

    As Ghan asked above, am I excited... I was when I first heard of this on test.. but seeing what it has become coming to live server I am very disapointed yet again.

    On a positive Halloween was a very good event this year with nice new editions.

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    Looking at those sample quests, this seems to be a useless feature. Good concept but too demanding for what you get in return.

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    While the cost/benefit ratio may seem low, I look at it as a 'long haul' thing. For those playing over years, the Tokens are going to add up naturally anyways (producing Troops/Coins/etc). I'm not such a big fan of purging so many Troops to make room, as I'd rather get some use from them in Advs. We'll see how many people think it's 'worth it' overall as an objective as opposed to something that happens incidentally.

    BB has shown themselves to be open to adjusting Events/etc based on feedback (double XP on the last one being a prime example), so here's hoping they will do likewise if participation in Weekly Challenges drops off sharply after the initial surge of 'shiny new thing' wears off.

    On the upside, it shows BB does perhaps listen to us, because this (a means of upgrading capacity in fixed Pop buildings through activities that pay a new Resource) is something that I (and others) suggested some time ago.

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    If you manage to get 10 training grounds (via gifting, etc..) would that be 500% increase to training speed?

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