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Thread: [SUGGESTION] More Detailed Loot Letter (aka Stats for Nerds)

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    [SUGGESTION] More Detailed Loot Letter (aka Stats for Nerds)

    Would it be possible to add an adventure stats list in to the loot mail you receive after completing an adventure? By that I mean you open the loot mail and you see all the loot you receive same as normal but just under that would a little list of info from that particular adventure. For example:

    Total Units Killed: 200 Mounted Swordsmen 78 Armored Marksmen
    Units revived by First Aid: 18 MS 8 AM
    Total Merc recruits obtained: 453
    Time to completion: 1h 55m

    Stuff like that. I know it can technically be done manually, but I figure it would be interesting to have available and useful for those who like to compare.

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    I will see what can possibly be done with this.


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