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    Hi guys,

    I want to share a couple of tools made in Excel long ago for personal purposes (for me and friends, especially to guide my guild).
    I'm back, starting new at this server since halloween but quickly updated and improved this tools.
    My objective is to help, maybe someone have an easier day using this : The Settlers Online - Tool

    Features :
    • Production Calculator (any building) - Calculate all consumed resources and products created from buildings with a specific period of time.
      This way you will use more efficiently your buffs or just to know what time will be required to some your deposits get depleted!

    • Troops Production Calculator - Calculate time and resources needed to create troops.
      Helpful to know the amount of resources required before starting, or test what buff works better with your setup!

    • My TradeOffice Pricelist (ARES only) - Calculate the number of items/resources that you can buy with an specific coins value.
      Noted as "My" because there are too many opinions about. We can't set the price about something but we can try to do an average, to know our limits when we are going to buy. Of course, I'll be editing this, but if you have different opinion about what you see, just feel free to make a copy for you!

    • Resource Converter (ARES only) - Convert the amount of any resource to another one (this will be using values from the pricelist).

    • Economic Production Calculator - Building production calculator, but with some stuffs included to know how to do some investment with the TradeOffice!
      If someone figure out how it works, congratulations! This is my last creation and I think it is my masterpiece because I know what suits me to buy and producing for the TradeOffice
    Note : I'm sharing "My" tools used for this game, feel free to use without restrictions!

    Q: How pricelist is updated?
    A: Visually! I'm guessing an avg from last price listed with a new one (if this new value don't look too overrated).
    I take a look very often to keep my prices updated to know some investments but I can't be daily playing.
    Anyway I'll try to stay up to date in almost everything! I WILL TRY!
    Q: I don't know how to use it, I can break something?
    A:You can't break nothing. All can be easily repairable if you do anyway. You can edit only red cells, go ahead!
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