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Thread: The Christmas Wish

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    Aug 2014
    Christmas is coming my land is under attack, my Christmas wish is for santa to bring it all back, the bread the brew, a party is dew, the tree the light are waiting for you. Merry Christmas and have a peaceful one.

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    John-Axe’s Christmas song and wish
    Written December 7, 2018

    Please Shield Me From that Sleigh Ride Song

    You asked, I tell, my Christmas wish
    a necessity quite gripping.
    Crave it now - please send overnight.
    I will gladly pay the shipping.

    A device to mask what I hear
    in every store, on most stations.
    One to replace a Christmas song
    with one from my own rotation.

    200 favorite songs I’ll
    load into the device you send.
    You just need to work your magic
    so Frosty I can’t comprehend.

    They’ll hear again about chestnuts,
    while I hear Journey, Priest, or Crue.
    A month free of the bombardment,
    from silver bells, sleigh bells - thank you!

    I won’t keep it off all the time.
    I will shut it off as needed:
    at concerts or for carolers,
    the carols won’t be impeded.

    And when festivities conclude,
    you can take the device to store.
    Else I fear I might overplay
    and find my replacements now bore.

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    Outside winter wind does gust and blow
    Swaying trees heavy with cold and snow
    Inside I lay pinewood logs at my hearth
    Soon a yuletide fire there to start

    I will play this Christmas time
    A networked game worldwide online
    To quest with friends young and old
    Adventures we will all behold

    While pixels sparkle and events do start
    It is family and friends that fill my heart
    I wish to all this holiday time
    Kindness, peace and joy sublime

    --Elgin on Zeus

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    Dec 2016
    To the tune of "My favourite Things"

    Anslem, Nusala or Vargus I wishes
    Be sent to a deserving newer guildie this Christmas.

    The guild I'm in is NOPE. And we have quite a few newer players in our guild who I am sure would thoroughly enjoy & make good use of one of the 3 champs. Posted also on your FB post earlier today

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    Snowfalls, all work stops

    Island folk spend time reading

    manuscripts, books, tomes

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    Is it too late for a hasty surprise?
    No time to hurry, no secret to tell,
    But a little offering would be wise,
    Just a funny packet in farewell.
    Whence comest thou?

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    Hello to all,

    I hope you all like my submission, for this rhyming Christmas poetry competition.
    This is the time for giving, not about our comforts of living.

    Make room for the laughter, blessings, and happiness to all. Please think of those who have nothing at all.
    If you meet someone who has little to nothing, share with them just a little of something.

    My only wish to the elves for Santa to bring, is more loving music for everyone to sing.
    As the Christmas bells ring and chime, I really hope you liked this rhyme.
    I did my best to keep this short and sweet and it would be awesome if Santa's elf awarded me with a treat.

    Kindly, Lordmadmax

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    The Settlers' Christmas Party
    had started out alright
    Settlers and their friends
    enjoying Christmas' delight.

    It was supposed to be a jolly time,
    - giving gifts and all the rest -
    but the joy was doomed to fail
    when the Bandits left the Nest.

    The tables were turned over
    and gifts were kicked aside
    once those horrible, nasty Bandits
    broke the door and got inside!

    "8 minutes!" cried the MMAs
    "We’ll jog there really quick"
    But, no!! Too slow! Too long! Too late!
    Those thieves were really slick!

    The first thief took the bread
    And the second took the brew
    The third thief grabbed the roasted duck
    and left in its place some glue.

    The Champions chased them 'round the room
    but those Traitors, they did flee
    and away they got, with grub galore;
    even a sandwich made of cheese.

    The Settlers stopped and look around
    at the mess and disarray,
    Then Crazy Cook jumped to his feet
    and yelled at them "Make way!"

He stomped toward the kitchen
    with his rolling pin and much clatter
    and twenty minutes later
    brought to them a de-licious fish platter

    Another settler ran and got
    a basket from his Aunt
    and another found some sausage
    hidden underneath a plant.

    The humble meal they all enjoyed
    their worries put away
    and the bandits, they were caught
    before the end of a premium day.

    The moral of the story is so plain
    you cannot fail
    to see the reason behind Christmas,
    yes, the reason for this tale -

    To wish A Happy Christmas, Settlers,
    to you across the miles
    Whether you're on Ares, Zeus or Sandycove,
    Newfoundland or North Isle.

    And if you spot a bandit running
    with bags of loot and buffs,
    Don’t be alarmed he’ll soon be caught
    and put into handcuffs!

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to All!
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    Dec 2017
    I tryed to show my great christmas spirit
    but christmas or not, it is invisible
    But i heard elves have infrared eyes
    so hopefully they will be able to see it.

    I wish all have a merry pre-christmas
    and rain of gems for everyone.

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    Nov 2017
    The wilderness on top of a Mt
    Christmas Wish

    If I could make a Christmas wish or two
    I would most definetly make a wish for YOU

    It would be for faith, peace, happiness and fun
    Not only at Christmas
    But a full year calendar run

    I would wish you had the time to take to share
    the love and joy you feel
    With those that care

    May you realize you are all special,
    You are all unique
    The differences you all make , keep the world less bleak

    I would wish love, peace,health and joy
    To you and yours

    PS I wish for
    A trip on Elon Musks Super Heavy Starship
    For all kittens to be adopted in loving homes
    World peace
    and of course $1,000,000 :P :P :P
    Merry Xmas everybody and a Happy Healthy New Year

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