Timeframe: 06. December 11:00 ET – 10. December 04:00 ET

Dear joyful island decorators,

the Christmas season is approaching and the first cookie recipes are being unpacked. While baking cookies, the settlers always have a bit of time to plan further preparation for their island. Sonya had already seen days ago huge red bags in a remote winter resort and heard the christmasbells ringing. She is sure that not all sacks have been filled yet and has therefore made a request to all settlers:

Urgent note to all settlers: "It is still enough time to help, send your biggest christmaswish to the Christmas-elf. But the wish must show a great christmas spirit, for the elves to hear your wish and visit!"
  • Submit your request as a comment in this thread
  • Your answer may be a rhyme (pair rhyme / cross-rhyme, etc.)
  • Sentence alliterations are fine
  • The christmaselves are particularly excited about rhymes, as they emphasize the christmas-desire
    Maybe you can note down your wish as a rhyme for them?

Package Overview
  • 50 packages with 100 gems
  • 135 packages with Buffs: Krampus /Christmas Feast
The 50 best wishes will get a gem-package (100 gems); another 135 participiants can get a buff-package with either a Krampus buff or christmas feast buff (random). The validation of the winners will be done by the Communityteam and Moderatorteam.

The winning entries will be selected during the following weeks and a package will be sent in an ingame message.
Many thanks to our moderator team, which set up the idea.

Happy pre-christmas settling!