I have an idea with regards to the Generals. After a "Combat Preview" have the pop up window offer options to "send the attack" or "open the General's Window to adjust troops" instead of having to exit out, find the Gen you want, reopen the General's Window to make adjustments. I believe this will be a massive time saver.... also if when a General is attacking/marching it would be nice if you could see the path the General is on while marching so if there is a mistake found late or if you need to see how close the Gen is to its target attack site you aren't searching through island trees/mountains/rocks, you can open the window and SEE the path he/she is on and WHERE that Gen currently is to facilitate better timing on blocks, retreat, etc It would also be nice if when you click on another players gen to see that gens path or status to help you better coordinate as ALL gens are the same or at least have that gens "name" show so you now that when you click on/hover over what you think is YOUR MMA just to find out its NOT yours and you have to search for yours. Some of these ADV Islands are very large or overly cramped and I believe these ideas would be very useful in saving time
other ideas...
*It would be nice if you could STAR resting Gens instead of them taking up much needed land space on small Island Advs

* Gens got stronger/smarter the more they are used in battles because as gamers get to higher levels the Tavern Gens are fairly useless, other than blocks and low level Adv. They definitely need to get Stronger and Smarter! If this was an option maybe the Tavern Gens wouldnt be sad from sitting home alone while their more advanced peers are used on the regular

I would love to hear other's thoughts and ideas on the subject

I hope this all makes sense. Please contact me as needed with questions to clarify
Thank you for your consideration