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Thread: Auto sleep building when buff expires

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    Auto sleep building when buff expires

    Have a check box for each building to automatically sleep a building when the buff expires.

    For example, I have snack on FT Castle that expires in the middle of night. I want to go to bed, but have 4 hours left on buff. If I sleep it now, I lose 4 hours of the buff. If I leave it, I'll lose many beans making only 1 beanstalk at a time.

    Wouldn't it be great to select a building, check the auto-sleep box, and know I'll get the 4 hours of buff and then the building will sleep.

    Or if it's too hard to put on each individual building, auto sleep classes of buildings. For example, all weaponsmiths, or all gold mines, or all building affected by each of the zone guides (paperwork, wood cutting, mining, etc), or specialty buildings like FT Castle.

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    Ah yes, that dream. Starting out, rushing to complete 2 gold chains for a stable income that I can work with, bought buffs cheap in advance, just to probably not even have run the buildings for 2 full weeks in 5 years, along with many other sleepers that is. The buffs are what kept me from actually utelizing what I did have simply because I don't have a scheduled day like I used to have.

    The FTC at least has a not too bothersome workaround which will ease that headache, can't say I like the same workaround for other buildings though.

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