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Thread: Christmas Market (Buff overwrite request)

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    Exclamation Christmas Market (Buff overwrite request)

    It would be nice to have the Christmas Market buffing system overwrite any active buffs.
    The reason is if there is still 1hrs lefts from the previous activation.

    It should allow you to re-activate the Christmas Market buffs and by doing so it should overwrite any current active <Christmas Market buff> with the new activated one.

    There should be no need to use stop buff simply to activate it early because the cool down allows it to run more often.

    Like the feature when you go and activate a guide if there is already active guide you are prompted to overwrite it.

    I would love to simply activate the Market buff feature when the cool down allow it and not have to wait until the buff ends or have to stop buff 30 buildings..

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    I will make this suggestion to the team and see what they might think.


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