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Thread: new general--the artillerist

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    new general--the artillerist

    hi, everyone,

    here is my idea

    this general would deploy on the map and target camps with a very slow bombardment, much like when we drop a buff or debuff on a camp such as a ballista

    The artillerist would fire every few minutes for a small amount of damage, much like the bombard cannons of old or a primitive mortar of the 15-17th century.

    The general could scale up it's attack in several ways:
    1) the range of the bombard
    2) the damage of the bombard
    3) the special effect of the bombard, like splash damage

    You could also monitize the general by having the regular artillerist and then more advanced or unique ones--not necessarily more powerful ones, just unique ones.

    How would an artillerist play?

    You deploy the general, and target a camp. The general then lobs a bomb onto the camp every few minutes--like every 5 minutes. The bomb lands and does X damage, say 100-300 damage. This is enough to kill a few soldiers, so the general isn't OP.

    So why bother?

    The general could target ANY camp within range. So if your artillerist has a range of 15 squares, it can lob bombs over mountains, water, canyons, etc. This means you can target a camp in a map like ali baba and the X-thief that is 40 minutes away from the start. By the time your regular generals reach the camp, the bombard has landed 8-10 bombs and reduced the camp somewhat for the cavalry to finish the camp.

    This allows another method of gameplay, a chance for the devs to make a bit more $, and something which is fun and not OP.

    The general could scale like this:

    Targeting range:
    level 1---any camp in 5 squares
    level 2--any camp in 7 squares
    level 3--any camp in 10 squares
    level 4--any camp in 12 squares
    level 5--any camp in 15 squares

    level 1--50-100 damage per bomb
    level 2--100-200 damage per bomb
    level 3--200-300 damage per bomb
    level 4--400-500 damage per bomb
    level 5--500-600 damage per bomb

    Rate of fire:
    level 1--1 bomb every 10 min
    level 2--1 bomb every 8 min
    level 3--1 bomb every 7 min
    level 4--1 bomb every 5 min
    level 5--1 bomb every 4 min

    Special effects:
    lvl 3 *bomb has splash damage
    lvl 5 *bomb has random chance of hitting any camp

    I hope you like this idea!

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    Damage and rate of fire could be tied to the number of besiegers/cannon troops that are on board. Load him with 2000 besiegers that can't be unloaded during an adventure and you get maximum damage. Load him with 100, damage is small but you have free troops to use in the adventure.

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