Since the Weekly Challenges have proven to be as big a failure as PvP, I would like an option to opt out.
It would be as simple as a button that let's me say "Don't show Weekly Challenges". Identical in function to the volume buttons. When a user logs in, the app does a quick check on that bit value in whatever table you store the volume settings, and responds accordingly.
It's no more difficult than that, so it's not a level of effort issue.

I started out on weeklies with some enthusiasm, but as I've been screwed over 3 times now by buggy adventures, and the fact that only 1 (at my level) doesn't cost an arm and a leg to do, I've decided I'm done with them altogether.

Please take this as a serious request and not a rant. I'll be glad to rant, but that would be an altogether different post.