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Thread: The Black Knights Return

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    The Black Knights Return

    "The Black Knights" Event - April 1st, 03:00 ET - April 2nd, 03:00 ET

    Dear Settlers,

    On April 1st, the return of a special event will be launched on "The Settlers Online", along with some small changes due to your feedback. You'll experience the game with a novel theme, inspired by "The Black Knights" - the most awesome adventure ever created. In fact, given its unquestionable popularity, which has deemed "The Black Knights" the most played adventure of all times, we have decided to dedicate a special one-day Event in its honour.

    New and/or changed features have been coloured in blue.


    • The "255 Shades of Black" colour filter used in the previous edition of this event has been changed. It is no longer applied automatically at the event start, and instead must be acquired and activated by players themselves. This will let players choose whether or not they want to use it. It has however received some improvements to help remedy some of the concerns put forward in the last event, detailed below.

    • Two zone buffs will be available:
      - "Accolade" replaces wild animals with Black Knights for 7 days (10,5 days on friends/guild members) and
      - "255 Shades of Black" removes almost all colours from your island for 7 days (10,5 days on friends/guild members). Note that important icons such as generals, deposits and aggro zones will not be affected and retain their original colours. This improvement is being applied to all colour filters (not just 255 Shades of Black) and will persist after the event is over.
    • A mysterious "Black Box" will be available in the merchant - it contains "Black Knights" content or the adventure.
    • Certain "The Black Knights" adventures in the merchant's event category, costing 295 map fragments each.
    • The Wildlife on your Island will be replaced by the rightful island rulers.

    • The Black Knights adventure will provide a reward bonus during the event. More dark castles?


    ... But is awesome anyway.
    • A pop up will ask 'Wouldn't you rather play a round of "The Black Knights" instead?'
      when an adventure other than "The Black Knights" is started.

    • Deposits placed on islands that are only reachable via ships will be implemented.
    • New building called "Harbour Anno Dazumal".
      Resources can be transported using ship routes in the new harbour building with the help of mysterious purple duck power.

    • New buff "Black Detergent". Effect: 1.04 times faster recruitment speed. Duration: 2,019 hours.
    • Ducks will swim between archipelagos again

    You are invited to provide feedback here.
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