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Thread: [Changelog] 21.05.2019

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    [Changelog] 21.05.2019

    21st of May 2019

    • The Improved Lettersmith is now available in the architect category at the in-game merchant!
    • The Premium Friend Buff is now available at the in-game merchant!

    • The rewards for Weekly Challenges have been adjusted; the subquests now reward tokens!
    • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to send further units to the Training Expedition.
    • Adjusted the fog in the "A Giant Battle" Mountain Clan Venture to ensure the last sector is always revealed when conditions are met.
    • Adjusted the order of specialists in the Star Menu when sorted by type.
    • Adjusted the names of the Mayor House skins in the trade window, so that permanent skins are distinguishable from tempoary ones.
    • When tearing down the Love Garden, the warning window will now always display text.

    You are invited to provide feedback > here. <
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    CL Update 21.05.2019 Update

    Dear settlers,

    The following issues will also be resolved in this upcoming game version:

    • Players will no longer receive redundant Mountain Clan Campaign blueprints. Any extra redundant blueprints in your inventory will be converted into blueprints for chains that can still receive upgrades. If all upgrades are already unlocked, you will instead receive productivity buffs.
    • Quest-chain-related Easter Achievements for this year's event have been awarded to those who were active during the event, including their relevant achievement points!
    • Duplicate Epic Forges as a result of a previously fixed issue have been removed.
    • Easter Event Resource conversion will also take place.

    Happy Settling,
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