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Thread: [Overview] Scavenger hunt with Orowa

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    [Overview] Scavenger hunt with Orowa

    Scavengerhunt - Community Event
    Riddletime: Tuesday, 23. July (06:00 ET) – Monday, 29. July (17:59 ET)
    Responsetime: Tuesday, 30. July (08:00 ET) – Sunday, 04. August (17:59 ET)

    Dear scavenger hunters,

    we received strange reports from your island, a white creature was seen. It leaves strange notes on the doors of your inhabitants and seems to be calling for a scavenger hunt. Pack your adventure bagpack and listen to its story, exciting puzzles await you!

    • Solve the riddles
      The further you progress in the story with the white figure, the trickier puzzles might appear.
      According to a rather confident islander, the puzzles are not difficult - but they require every single brain cell. There are connections to your kingdom, but they are only variations and not true copies.

      Are you able to help the inconspicuous figure?

    General rules
    • Submit your responses within the time period for the Community Event (Responsetime):
      Tuesday, 30. July (08:00 ET) – Sunday, 04. August (17:59 ET)
    • Join the event by submitting your answers > here <
    • All puzzles on all days must be solved to get into the pot for the grand prize
    • All answers must be given in ONE reply, do not post several replies
    • The answers stay invisible until the winners are found
    • The winners of the grand prize will be chosen from all complete and correct answers (see also special condition).
    • There will also be chances on rewards for participants who have gathered a certain number of correct answers.
    • The answers do not need to be case-sensitive, but the correct spelling is important!
    • Spaces must be set correctly

    Formal requirements
    • You have a regular game account
    • Minors need the consent of their parents/guardians
    • Participants agree that Ubisoft/Blue Byte may publish their nickname, world and country in addition to the entries submitted. Real names will not be published, only the player name, game world and game country. The contributions will be stored on Ubisoft/Blue Byte servers for presentation purposes. The following platforms maintained by Ubisoft/Blue Byte can be used for the announcement of winners and the presentation of contributions: International websites, forums, Facebook groups, Instagram and Twitter channels (especially "The Settlers Online" offers).

    Players, who submit the correct answers to all puzzles together will be placed in the grand prize jackpot*
    Grand Prize Jackpot
    Up to 100x the new Community Building
    Players, who have solved all the puzzles and have not received the grand prize - as well as players with more than 75% correct answers - can win a random prize from the list below:

    Other possible rewards
    5 x 7 Premium Days
    10 x 3 Premium Days
    25 x 1 Premium Day
    60 x 10 Crystal

    Special condition
    *If not enough players have solved all the puzzles and there are still free spots available for the community building, the open spots will be raffled among players who have answered more than 75% of the questions correctly.

    Announcement of winners
    • The winners will be announced in the coming weeks, the Community Team will keep you informed.
    • The prizes will be sent to the winners as soon as possible via an in-game message to their game account.

    Post your answers to the riddles >here<
    Between Tuesday, 30. July (08:00 ET) – Sunday, 04. August (17:59 ET)

    You can leave feedback to the event > here <.

    The riddles will be posted in the > Community Events < section of the Forum.

    We wish you beautiful puzzle days!
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