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Thread: Are you embarrassed or what?

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    Are you embarrassed or what?

    First you make the XP needed to get to 75 unreal with no reward for leveling up.

    Then you bring in a whole bunch of thing's to help undo your ERROR

    The New thing's you bring in bring with them BUG's!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's like a spiderweb ----- U made the bar tooooo high.

    You can't move on to level 100 because few players have even got to level 75.

    So let's make a bunch of new thing's that can create new BUG'S in the game (Genius)

    Why not just lower the XP per Level.... instead of creating new thing's to undo your error??????????????????

    Soccer event?

    How out of your depth are you guy's now?

    You got so many complaint's!!!!

    SO u doubled the rewards from event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If the people that built it had a single clue, then this would not have , could not have happen???????

    I Question that anyone running this game plays it firstly.

    I question that anyone running this game talk's to anyone playing it????

    At this point I think the game is in real trouble of being extinct because the people running it, have no idea what they are doing.

    Please stop making new things to overturn the ERRORS your making to make it too hard to level up....

    Maybe make the XP required less , so you don't have to invent way's to overcome your errors?

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    Joined 2015 and only on stage 2 of 5....oof.

    My condolences to you, but you are talking to a brick wall.

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