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Yes my codex costs are maxed out and have been for years!

Also consider you have to run adventures to get one of the items I have been playing from closed beta. The only reason I made 50 was the weekly quests that I can do with goods from my island IE the ship ones or make x number of this or that I can set those thing to make and forget it til I can log in again. adventures are timed and require effort to do some you can't even do alone. Do keep in mind not everyone can log in hourly or even daily so adventures can die and you get nada for your losses. Lastly there is a why to make books in the RPH?? (see again when one can't log in often one misses these things.)
If your codex costs what you wrote the cost is not maxed.
There are adventures you can play that take little effort and time. Seems like you dont play regularly enough to need the building. Obviously if you dont adventure you cant use the building.
That however doesnt make the building useless to most of the players.