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Thread: Interaction: Comic Book Day

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    Interaction: Comic Book Day

    Today is the Comic Book Day and we would like to see some of your very own comics or creations.

    • Create your own TSO-Hero (written or drawn)
    • Draw a Comic Book strip of your very own TSO-Hero (or a NPC you think is a hero)
    • Write a short story about a Settler you think is a true hero
    • Create your own TSO-Meme

    As always the code of conduct counts here also and everything which is inappropriate will not be tolerated.

    Write a short story about a Settler you think is a true hero
    Our personal Hero is Sonya.
    While many settlers were inflating balloons for the Community Goal, Sonya was already getting together some Settlers who had time for the big clean up. Some balloons popped before they could be used, so there was waste from the celebrations everywhere!

    The settlers came together with Sonya's direction to collect all the wasted balloons, papers and leftover food, before bringing it to the local alchemist. The alchemist turned all the waste into compost so that they could nourish your farmlands! Sonya and all who followed her demonstrated truly hero-like feats!

    Enjoy the activity and have a good time while reading the community comics,
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