Dear Anniversary-Fans,

This year again we received some wishes that hard-working balloon scouts would like to see an overview of their work during this year's Anniversary Event! We're happy to fulfill this wish; our annual balloon counter has recorded down everything diligently and in addition our most beloved Balloon-Statistic-Collector: BigBang36 created a picture-table.


Donated balloons phase 1: 504.026.600
Donated balloons phase 2: 933.317.302

Both phases together: 1.437.343.902

Average donated balloons per Second: ~1.188

Overall donated balloons in the event*: 1.637.529.757 (95.3%)
*Also includes the donated balloons of the "additional" day.
Stored balloons: 80.552.994 (4.7%)

Which world donated the most balloons (Ranking)

  1. us01
  2. us02
Please note that we will not publish the exact numbers for the worlds. However, it should be noted that this ranking was very close between worlds and on average a similar amount was shared. Good job everyone, all our worlds had extremely diligent balloon-traders.

Image provided by BigBang36 - Germany