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Thread: Change Log 10.03.2020

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    Change Log 10.03.2020

    10th of March 2020

    • Level 7 Building Upgrades: More buildings have had a new level 7 upgrade added - read the full list below!

    • Duplicate bonus info from buildings such as the Snack Stand will no longer be shown in the Provision Houses when switching between the buildings.
    • The Ghost Ship will now appear correctly when the timer ends. This change is active when you next click on the Ghost Ship; The Christmas Tree presents will also appear correctly after the next round.
    • Currently pending Ghost Lantern quests will not become active if there is no active quest you can complete/cancel. The next quest round will work correctly.
    • Achievements for the 2020 Christmas event have been removed.
    • The Advanced Toolmaker building graphic has been adjusted to be consistent with other buildings.

    Upgradable to Level 7
    Improved Watermill
    Improved Storehouse
    Improved Silo
    Deerstalker Hut
    Improved Deerstalker Hut
    Fish Farm
    Improved Farm
    Improved Mill
    Improved Bakery
    Improved Butcher


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