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Thread: Token Coinages not given proper amount

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    Token Coinages not given proper amount

    So two of my new coinages reached the turnover time, they are asleep so as not to complete before I am ready for them. I activate the Love tree and check their details. It says they will now produce 22 each (love tree plus PFB) so I unpause them and let them do their thing. While they walk I open my economic report to see if it will actually show anything and confirm I already have 10 tokens. After the first collects i see it jump to 32 which is what it should do and i close the econ report since there is no measurement to see (still shows 0 gain every 12 hours) A few seconds after the second collects however, the game pauses to do a catch-up/adjustment with the server. After it unpauses, I looked at my storage and now it shows my total tokens at 43. That is a gain of only 33, which means one gave 22 and the other gave only 11 despite both having the same buffs at the same time (the pfb was active for a LONG while before this so no way it only affected one by kicking in/out at the wrong time) and both showing 22 produced under their details tab.

    Don't have pics since was not expecting but will keep watch next time they are due.

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    The problem is that pause/catch-up adjustment to the server.

    A few weeks ago I purchased 100 gems for 600 star coins. I watched my gems increase by 100 and went to buy a premium token for star coins. Got one of those pause server catch-ups just after buying the prem time. What happened next was: my gems went back down to the previous level and when I went back to epic tab it was as if I never bought them. At least I was able to buy them again. In your case you're just SOL. I may or may not have lost the 600 star coins, I was so relieved about recovering the gems I forgot to check.

    Bottom line is, that pause, catch-up sync, whatever the hell it is that happens multiple times a day causes weird things to happen and anything we happen to be doing at the time can be adversely effected. Sometimes with no recourse on our part.
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    Token machines stay 4 hours apart no matter how I try to synch them. I sleep one set a timer to two minutes before it should synch with the slower one. When I wake it up, it is still 4 hours ahead. This has happened continuously. At first I thought it was my own "time math" mistake. It is not. It is as if the 1st does not sleep.

    2nd issue: The constant cackling of the Keener Explorer is incredibly annoying. I thought the bug was fixed with the PFB buff and the explorers. I did not have this ssue when the event began (but then again, all of my explorers were home at the time) but after having a new buff dropped, purchasing the event package with Sylvana and the Keener Explorer, once the Keener was active she will not stop cackling even though she has been sent out. This was not the case with my original Keener Explorer. She is also giving me screenfreeze every time she pops up.

    Thanks for looking into these issues.

    EDIT: Token Machine Synch workaround -- demolished both, then rebuilt both at the same time. They synched immediately. Does not fix the 4 hour time difference bug which sleeping one did not fix, but is an easy work-around.
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