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Thread: Change Log 28.07.20

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    Change Log 28.07.20

    Two new tributes - Coinage Tribute & Golden Coinage Tribute!

    28th July 2020

    • New Buildings: Two new Tributes are available for completing challenging achievements: the Coinage Tribue & Golden Coinage Tribute!

    • Buffs: Fixed an issue that prevented the Prestigious Friend Buff from affecting Split City adventures.
    • Quests: Adjusted the level ranges and rewards of some daily quests.
    • Graphics: The Cloaked General now appears in the correct resolution in battle reports.
    • Graphics: Mountains no longer disappear when placing mines on top of them.
    • Achievements: Rearranged achievements in a more meaningful order.
    • Achievements: The PvP Reward Combat Armory can now be used to complete the First-Rate Combat Armory achievement.
    • Shop: Moved the Sunflower Farm purchasable for Magic Beanstalks to the Epic Items section of the shop.
    • Buildings: Non-recurring Bakery Tributes will be turned into recurring ones
    • Text: Fixed various localisation issues.

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