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Thread: Limericks from The Creators Guild 9th Anniversary Contest

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    Limericks from The Creators Guild 9th Anniversary Contest

    The Creators [TC] held a Limerick Contest to celebrate our 9th Anniversary as a Guild. The rules were that the entries had to be guild and/or game related. They were too good not to share (please feel free to join in the thread with your own) :


    She wanted to find her a feller.
    To help, I thought I would tell her.
    If you're looking for waRg
    Don't look in the morgue
    He's probably down in the cellar.

    A guildie of ours named ScotsLassie
    Has been known to be frequently gassy
    And if you give her lip
    She'll respond with a quip
    That's why her pants are so sassy

    There is nothing that rhymes with sbdfvh
    Except rbnfvh and maybe clwfvh
    It won't fit the norm
    Of the Limerick form
    So I made up this word,"dnpfvh"

    Who's this guy? and what did he do?
    Who he is, we haven't a clue.
    We know he can hear
    Things that aren't very clear
    And his hat is big and it's blue

    If all you can do is haiku
    Then you oughta rip off a few
    So Hey, what the heck,
    Go ahead, Otuwek
    It's something we think you should do

    You won't need a Master's degree
    Or to look at the caller ID
    It's not Hobson's Choice
    It's her beautiful voice
    That's the meaning of Calliope

    Spurwyn and Plurwyn and Gurwyn
    Went Supercalfragilicmurwyn
    When they got back
    They all hit the sack
    Then said mrrrpphhh exactly like Perwyn

    There once was a Guild named TC
    A virtual club of plenty
    Drama never abounds
    As we're all such fine clowns
    Which makes us so criminally happy


    There once was a guild what fights
    To give everyone their rights
    TC was their calling
    Their lack was their falling
    They ain't got no mullet with headlights

    We left for the land of fjords
    In search of the mighty Nords
    We went out a'thinking
    Their army was stinking
    But got run off by the great hords

    There once was a guild named TC
    That made the Settlers game easy
    They took only the best
    Felt sorry for the rest
    I can't believe they accepted me, hee!

    I built up my buildings, so perfect to tell.
    A balanced production was working so well.
    Then quick as a puff,
    They introduce a new buff.
    And all my hard work just went straight to hell.

    A settler got tired of working with pines
    and set his goal to work in the mines
    the gold he did savor
    from all his hard labor
    and now on thick steaks he dines

    There is an old general named Log
    who tells stories over his grog
    he'll tell it was scary
    his battle with wild Mary
    she was mean and fat as a hog

    Log goes on to tell
    he never could get over the smell
    the swamp witch is icky
    her odors are sickly
    his troops just wanted to yell

    When the bandits are gone from your isle,
    You can build your production in style.
    To maintain twice a day
    Is a P.I.T.A.
    But your Storehouse will show it's worthwhile!

    The Settlers, a great place to be
    And if you are lucky, like me
    You'll have lots of fun,
    A Guild second to none -
    Happy Birthday, beloved TC!

    Keep your island in tip-top array
    A film crew might head out your way
    You know it for sure,
    Property Sisters on Tour
    Might pop in to see your display!

    And this is why TC is still crazy after all these years,

    Guild Leader, The Creators
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    I just discovered this! So now we know who the culprits were!

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