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Thread: Slight change to PVP quest/achievements

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    Lightbulb Slight change to PVP quest/achievements

    There is a PVP Quest you can get from the Pathfinder "None Shall Pass!" which requires "Defend your colony islands 1 time."

    This is the ONLY quest from Pathfinder that is out of your control - you can't Defend a colony without someone attacking it (which is already rare) and losing (which has happened to me twice in all the years).

    There are similar impossible achievements for 1000 defenses of colonies, etc.

    I propose it be changed to "Defend your colony islands 1 time, or have X colonies expire." where X is something like 2 or 3. Then "defending" your colony would also work if nobody attacked it but you had some long enough for time to run out.

    The achievements could also be changed similarly; as it is there's no reasonable way to get the 1000 defenses achievement.

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    agreed.. after i got this one.. i permanently turned off pvp in pathfinder. that quest is wholly unfair

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