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Thread: How do you counter defensive units?

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    How do you counter defensive units?

    When they have offensive units , I send swift units .
    When they have swift units , I send a first striking generals like Nusala, Boris, MMA, or attack with Vargus to shut down their flanking.
    When they have heavy units , I send offensive units ,

    When they have defensive units , I have to bend over and take the punishment I am going to get.

    Sure, I can use heavy units to kill them, but I can't stop them from doing extreme damage to me first. There are always extremely high losses versus defensive units. Some camps are so bad they need to be worn down with wave after wave of sacrificial troops. I feel like there are no efficient counters to defensive units unless I am missing something???

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    Take a look at some of the guides for camps and see what they do. Normally you have low level units (like ) soak up the damage whilst heavy-damage troops (like or ) dish out the damage. Large defensive camps can be blocked, also.

    If you have cloaked general, check him out, he does 25% health reduction of enemy defensive units.

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    Beautiful princess.

    This is the above described situation. This specific camp has 200 high hp defensive units. 40 offense units of normal speed.
    And some cannons at slow speed.

    2 variants of attack shown.
    200 Battle Hardened Sailor, 40 Petty Officer, 30 Cannon Master
    1 wave (270) 42 Mounted Swordsman, 56 Marksman, 70 Armored Marksman, 102 Mounted Marksman
    [losses: 42MS, 56M]
    200 Battle Hardened Sailor, 40 Petty Officer, 30 Cannon Master
    1 wave (YGG) 1 Knight
    2 wave (BRS) 18 Mounted Swordsman, 177 Mounted Marksman [losses: 18MS]

    First variant utilizing MS for a high damage to smash through the hp.
    All we are doing here is making use of the fact that there is no swift units in this camp to send a YGG tap. I find in many cases where you have many defense units, you are not likely to encounter swift alongside it.
    A simple YGG tap is 4500 damage worth of unit removal. This is equivalent to many M or MM.
    Allowing a follow up from boris, 1500 + swift attack MM, allowing minimal defense units to swing back return damage into 18 MS.
    Where on round 2, boris + MM hit for second strike.

    In cases where normal speed can be applied, YGG is the strongest tap. And to apply it you only need to overcome 400 hp worth of opposing first strike.
    this is why recs may be added in some taps.
    In other maps where a large defensive camp would be a struggle.
    We now have the option to send YGG with 85 rec.
    What does that do?
    Gives enough hp for YGG to survive enemy first strike, and have him take a swing and deal 4500 or more.
    Both M or MM deal 50-100 with 90% acc.
    In best case 45 M equate a Yg.
    More M and AM are used to ensure min damage req is hit. But still M are lost. You can't prevent it. The camp simply has too much HP for a single swing.

    Before the existence of YG, or OGG, Major was required to pass this camp sacrificing M to get by.
    This means you have to make arquebuse, which costs gunpowder.
    Now, a single YGG tap with a rec bypasses that M, arque and gunpowder cost.
    The savings may be slight, but measurable.
    1 bs to deal the damage value of 56 arquebuse. Sounds good.

    Don't have a ygg?
    That is why in old runs of VLT we would have to sac 200 bow, or 130 longbow.
    Something to soften up the enemy to prep the camp for whatever powerhouse we have to use.

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