That was what I liked about the triple loot in events - it applied to a small set of adventures so you had to think outside the box a bit. Turned out that Victor the Vicious was well worth playing at triple loot, whereas normally nobody touched it.

All we have now is everyone wants Arctic Explosions, and I for one am sick of the things by the time I have all the refills I need (thank $DEITY I now do) because that's such an obvious sweet spot. But that has been the sweet spot for a year's-worth of events by now, and there's no variety any more. Really, was it that hard to make a few changes? The original triple loot was a great idea and switching it around meant more interest.

Yes there is some new stuff worth having, the ghost general looks interesting, and I will get 3. One thing I totally dislike (and this is peripheral to the gameplay thing) is most of the new production buildings seem to be buff-makers which are not pure production - they work differently, put their output in star which is annoying and you have to buy multiple buildings to increase speed, which is a decreasing benefit - beyond about 4-5 buildings the increase in speed is not worth it. No more point making powerful buffs, and making sure to keep your high-end production buildings buffed, just queue a month's-worth of production and log out til it's done.